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ChristianBook is having a sale, also the Internet Archive of books

By Elizabeth Prata

ChristianBook is having a sale. Many items are up to 89% off. If you spend $35 or more, shipping is free.

There is a caveat: Christian book is littered with false teachers. Their catalog contains mainly false teachers. I took a great deal of time to find good items. But they’re there.

There are a number of John MacArthur, Sinclair Ferguson, RC Sproul, Alistair Begg books, other good authors, as well as gift items (make sure if they have a verse on them it’s not a twisted or shortened verses). I bought a gift item, PLUS:

RC Sproul – What Do Jesus’ Parables mean? (Crucial Questions series)

RC Sproul – What Can We Know About God? (Crucial Questions series)

RC Sproul – Growing in Holiness: Understanding God’s Role and Yours

John MacArthur – Sanctification: God’s Passion for His People

Alistair Begg – Crazy Lazy: A warning against laziness

Leland Ryken – Christian Guides to the Classics: Milton’s Paradise Lost

Andrew Murray – 31-Day Guide to Prayer

Watercolor Notebooks, Set of 3

And the aforementioned gift item.

I bought 11 items for $35, for an average of $3.18 apiece. Whenever you see something like 89% off, or free shipping, it’s often worth it to take advantage in order to add to your bookshelves. It takes money of course, and some time- like today with sifting through the garbage to get the gold, but building a home theological library or to own books ready to give away, can be done even on the most modest budget.

Did you know that the Internet Archive not only links to cached web pages that otherwise are unavailable to view, but they also have digitized many books? And they lend them for free. Yes, free.

I am reading the biography of Phyllis Schlafly, the woman in the 1970s who led a charge to stop the ERA, which was the Equal Rights Amendment. The Amendment was a proposal to amend the Constitution of the United States to add equality clauses for women. In the book, the biographer quoted extensively from a book Schlafly wrote in 1977 called the Power of the Positive Woman. I loved the quotes I read in the biography and got curious about the book she was quoting from. I searched for the Power of the Positive Woman in order to buy or borrow it from the library, but the book was not in any of the entire state of Georgia’s libraries, nor was it available on Amazon, ABE books, or other used bookstores. However, I found it for free on the Internet Archive!

Annotation 2020-06-15 130041

When you go to, click at the top on BOOKS, and you’ll see the following-

You can borrow books for up to two weeks. They also offer a free, limited preview of the book you’re seeking. This will be helpful for research especially, if I want to search for something but don’t want to spend the money to buy the book but just check some details.

In the Internet Archive, there are also old radio shows, classic TV programs, and old movies you can watch. Did you ever see the pilot of The Beverly hillbillies? I just did, lol.

Anyway I hope any of this information helps. With things getting ever more expensive, anything we can find for low prices or even for free, helps. Have a wonderful day!


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  1. Internet Archive has the whole series of Leave it to Beaver is also available to watch for free. I use to host my audio as well.

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