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Justin Peters update: Thoughts on discernment, and an upcoming video

By Elizabeth Prata

I appreciate Justin Peters’ Ministry so much, I can’t even tell you. His years-long, steady push-back against the false teaching in the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and against the Word-Faith Movement, and his willingness to evangelize and teach all over the globe, wherever he is called to go, is an inspiration to me.

He is most well-known for his teachings on discernment, for one, a series called Clouds Without Water. The Lord is surely keeping him, and Mr Peters is surely continually submitting, because his demeanor even though having to spend time in researching these false teachings and review these people to formulate his incisive critiques, is a testament to the Spirit. Why?

In having to thoroughly research these false teachers, we have to watch them, take notes, spend time involved with what they teach and how they teach it. For some people, it’s inevitable that their mind becomes darkened a bit with the mud that infiltrates. Their hearts become critical, or bitter, or cynical with the weeds that grow there. We might know or have seen ‘discernment ministries’ like that. Not Mr Peters. His constant sensitive delivery of these teachings and his obvious grace toward both the deceived and those teaching deception adds mountains to his credibility.

This video was published yesterday. In it, Mr Peters makes two points, One is to alert viewers to the fact that he is completing a video critiquing the Word-Faith Charismatic movement and the most prominent people in it who have made prophecies about the Coronavrus. With the pandemic abounding here in the US and in the world, these false prophets have made many statements lately pronouncing and declaring things from God- that He did not say. Mr Peters will demonstrate why it’s possible to know that God did not speak to these false prophets. He will name many of the false prophets in this movement and compare their words to the Bible.

Secondly, he spoke briefly about why discernment is important. It’s important for all of us, biblically, we’re all called to be discerning.

There are two ways a person could go in how they regard discernment. They could ignore it completely Mr Peters said, or they could become so focused on it that they begin to demonstrate a wrongful glee in pointing it out. Both are dangers to be avoided.

He said that he has received angry emails and letters claiming that it’s none of our business to discern, call out against, and expose these charlatans. Recently he even received a very angry phone call from an irate person. These people claim that it’s God’s business to judge, not ours. And so on.

Anyone with the gift of discernment who employs it correctly will receive these comments. I do, all the time. At the height of the popularity of the HGTV Fixer Upper program, I wrote about negatively Joanna Gaines, her testimony of claiming to hear directly from God, and her lifestyle, and compared it to the Bible. I received heated push-back. It lasted for years. Years. Whenever I write anything about Beth Moore in the negative, I receive the same. I’m not complaining, it’s expected. I believe the Lord prepared me for this ministry (of which discernment is a part, not the whole) by His leading me to be a conservative newspaper editor in a Democrat stronghold of a town. I developed thick skin. By the Spirit’s grace after salvation I also developed a soft heart for people who are so deluded by satan they cannot see the purity of His right doctrines and who follow people like Beth Moore or Kenneth Copeland.

So it’s OK. But the negative comments are a fact of a discernment ministry. I look to people like Mr Peters who are a steady constant in keeping Jesus central and the heart aimed toward helping the people deluded by false teaching as a good example.

Below is his 11-minute video explaining these things. And please do watch out for his upcoming video comparing the false teachers’ prophecies about COVID-19 to the Bible, Lord willing, out later today or tomorrow.

Because, Matthew 7:21-13 is one of the most devastating set of verses in the entire Bible. I would be crushed to know, on the Day, that the Spirit had given me a spiritual gift of discernment and if I hadn’t used it to the maximum and best use to do what I could to reach any sisters caught up in a false doctrine. I do what I can to bring light to those whose eyes are closed and ears won’t hear. So does Mr Peters, and others. It’s just that simple.

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