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Encouragement: We have peace, not as the world has, but that Jesus gives

Social distancing update:

Jesus is still Creator of all things, Sustainer of all things, Ordainer of all things. He has not changed. He has not moved. He is our Rock, and worthy to be praised in any and all circumstances. Let’s work our minds and hearts and mouths toward praise and joy in these times.

flower anxious verse 6

Nothing has changed for us, we’re still as loved as we ever were, still as saved as we ever were, still destined for eternal life as we ever were.

John MacArthur preached to a small gathering of elders, wives, and security this past Sunday. The recorded message is The Promise of Peace in a Worried World, Matthew 6:25-34. (

I’m listening now. Encouragement from God’s word is always restful.

Then planning to listen to City Alight’s God is For us, and Christ is Mine Forevermore, pray and then work on a school project. It’s a good day!

On behalf of those who are outside of Him or for the newer sisters who may be anxious, let’s focus on His sovereignty and His perfection in all things. Do not be anxious. Love you!

Matthew 6:25-34. DM or email me if concerned or have questions. 😊

5 thoughts on “Encouragement: We have peace, not as the world has, but that Jesus gives

    1. You are sooo welcome! Just doing what I can for God’s glory! It’s a good time to shine the Light back to Him as many begin to see how looking side to side proffers nothing, but looking up to our Great God is everything. I pray many come to salvation during this uncertain time. 🙂

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