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Some encouragement in dark days: Those who love Christ Alone

By Elizabeth Prata

I’m upset over the feminism in my denomination. I was raised by a feminist mother and my sister’s a feminist professor at a state University. Liberal to the core and so, so blind. I have skin in the game. However, I want to take a moment to extol the glory that is the unblemished church.

Last Saturday, Saturday Feb 15, dawned cold and rainy. It was hovering at freezing, and dark. No more miserable a Saturday morning could have been scheduled for the mini-conference at church. Yet 40+ people came. Was it a breakfast potluck, warm & full of good food? Was it a birthday party, with promise of music, laughter, and cake? No. It was a viewing of the intense 2-hour religious documentary American Gospel: Christ Alone. College students, young marrieds, couples with children, older saints, came in ready to learn, exalt, and fellowship over doctrinal truths.

We sat together, horrified by how the pure Gospel becomes perverted, crying over the stories of personal loss and doctrinal distortion, praising His name for the strength of a pure and holy Gospel that will never die. THIS is the church. Who would come to such an event? Those who love Christ alone.

And these churches are everywhere. Saints who love Christ alone, seek His word, thirst for fellowship in truth, scattered abundantly across the earth that God created. Not just our local body, but these churches are in jungles, in basements, in cities, in prairies. They meet, love, evangelize, learn, and no denomination, no false teacher, no screeching harridan, no downgrade will ever, EVER destroy what God intends as His Son’s Bride.

The true church is strong, it’s beautiful, it’s functioning. Many are coming to Christ every day, everywhere. The glory that will be revealed when Christ gathers His Bride will be astounding. Our days are dark, but they are also very, very bright.

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