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Problems with Beth Moore’s teaching in list form- did you know there were this many?

By Elizabeth Prata

If I hire someone to do a service for me, like install the flashing on my deck, or clean my chimney, or fix my car, I want to ensure a quality job done. It is unlikely that I would re-hire a plumber who has demonstrated serial-mistake-making.

“I installed the wrong size pipe and that’s why it burst in the middle of the night.”

Would you rehire that same plumber? If you did, and he made another mistake…

“I forgot to turn the water off before I uninstalled the pipe, that’s why the laundry room is flooded.”

Would you hire him again?

“I used the wrong size wrench and that’s why the pipe is crushed now.”

Of course not, at some point very early on, you would seek a different person for the job.

So why is it that people continually overlook a false teacher’s wrong acts? Dismiss obvious errant theological interpretations? Why do they put their soul at risk in ignoring the myriad issues others have raised?

I know the biblical answers to these questions, my mind is at rest with God’s ordination of these things. I ask them because though my mind is at rest, my heart mourns.

We don’t call someone false after one mistake or two. But after decades of credible problems in a ministry with no hint of its teacher repenting or showing willingness to be corrected, it becomes obvious what is happening: that teacher is falling, not rising. Yet some people disregard scripture violation after scripture violation, and they keep drawing water out of the same poisoned well, even asking for more.

This hurts me. I grieve for the women who follow false teachers, who willfully resist the attempts from discipleship mentors, elders, pastors, discernment people, to instruct them of the imminent danger to their soul.

Beth Moore has been on a downward trajectory since the beginning of her ministry. Her issues are not new. I thought if I put some of the issues in list form, it might make things plainer. This list doesn’t even contain problems about her legalism, pop psychology, or her atrocious behavior on Twitter toward those who raise objections to her teaching. It doesn’t mention unethical publication practices such as deleting half a chapter from her Kindle version and leaving it in the hard copy without letting readers know there was a substantial difference in content they were paying for. One can only fit so much into one table.

And that is the point. This list isn’t even complete. Would you hire a plumber to fix your bathroom if he has year upon year made significant foundational errors? No, and he would probably lose his license! Would you seek a doctor whose practice is riddled with malpractice – or deaths? And how much more important is your soul to keep healthy and alive?

Please accept this table as an earnest proffer. I listed the unbiblical teaching or behavior, the consequence of that belief or behavior, and the scripture we can refer to.

There are links I can provide and substantiations for each of Beth Moore’s errors. I can provide documentation, if you ask. Let us reason over scripture and let our hearts become joyful as we seek purity in our walk, good teaching, and collegial fellowship with one another.

Issues with Beth Moore in List Form2

* The lifestyle issue is not because Moore is rich (she is). The Bible has no problem with wealth. Job, Abraham, Solomon, Nicodemus, Joseph of Arimathea and others were rich. The issue is what Beth Moore does with her money, how she uses it, and how open she is about her wealthy status. Jesus didn’t mourn the Rich Young Ruler because the man was wealthy, but because he gave up eternal life to retain his earthly property and money.


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11 thoughts on “Problems with Beth Moore’s teaching in list form- did you know there were this many?

  1. Today’s UNHOLY trinity is: Self-Esteem, Experience, and Feelings. Touch one of those sacred cows and it’s “game on”. Couple that with the general low biblical literacy rate in a nation where most households professing Christ have an average of 5 Bibles (at least!), and it’s not surprising when people follow and filter everything through one of the unholy trinity listed above. I would assert that some of the things on the list are more grievous than others and even among strong Biblically literate Christians you won’t necessarily find agreement across all lines. But knowing Scripture makes the difference. You can’t rely on something you don’t know; and you certainly cannot use it as a measuring tool if you don’t know it.

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    1. Exactly! I liked your thought aobut the measuring tool. I often refer to Amos’s plumb line, the measuring tool that establishes an exact vertical. I often pray for the Lord to keep me not only in the center line of the road but the middle of that center, not drifting to the left or the right. Only the Bible thru knowing His word establishes those measurable boundaries 🙂


  2. I would appreciate links and substantiations for Beth Moore’s errors. I think it will be much more useful if I can show others where Beth Moore has engaged in unbiblical teachings or behaviors rather than simply make claims that she has. Thank you so much for warning women away from unbiblical teachers.

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    1. Sure thing! You will find links here of critiques written by men/pastors, women, and myself discussing all of the theological issues you see in the list.


  3. Do you have links about her Catholic husband, divorced daughter and the angry, slanderous bunch of students?


    1. Catholic husband:
      “One time I did try to leave Keith and he said, “Go right ahead. Leave me. But you’ll look in your rearview mirror and there I will be and not because I like you any better than you like me. Because I don’t. But because we are married and married we’ll stay.” Keith never was a great Catholic except about the one thing I wished he’d been more Baptist about: splitting.”

      Catholic in-laws:

      Divorced daughter- Melissa
      I know court records are public so I found the public divorce documents. The reason for Melissa Moore’s 2013 divorce was… “Personality Conflict”. Melissa initiated it. Court documents are pasted in the essay at the link. Melissa is an employee of Living proof Ministries as a researcher and teacher. link:

      One should not write Bible curriculum and teach it to women while actively rebelling against the scriptures.

      Slanderous students
      Anecdotal, my experience and MANY others. You just need to read Twitter after Michelle Lesley and I and 4 other women published the open letter. Both men and women who have done a discernment essay critiqueing Moore express that her rabid supporters unreasoningly come after them in the comments section. Noted pastor and theologian Justin Peters has recently said “I can tell you that I’ve not been as viciously attacked by Word-Faith adherents as I have followers of Beth Moore – and that is saying something.”

      Here is one case

      Hope these help


      1. This definitely helps. Thanks!
        Can you also provide a link on the mysticism part? Can you please connect where prayer as a way of hearing from God is synonymous with mysticism?

        Thanks again!


      2. Mysticism: ( explains contemplative prayer synonymous activity with mysticism- a quick lesson) (FAQ on mysticism and direct revelation, not about Beth Moore) (mysticism practiced by Moore via Lectio Divina) (More on Moore’s mysticism & contemplativeprayer)


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