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The spiritual battle is real

We are in a battle. It is real, and it is constant.

You learn about predators during shark week and when the week is over, turn it off and think of other things. You learn about raptors watching Jurassic Park and when the movie’s over think of other things. But our enemy is just as fierce, relentless, and powerful as sharks and raptors, more so, because the devil and his minions don’t need to sleep. Ans, they have a mindful, pointed, specific hate for all God’s people because they hate God Himself. They are always watching, prowling, and waiting for a more opportune time. Then, they POUNCE. (1 Peter 5:8, Job 1:7, Luke 4:13).

Don’t be pounced.

In a scene from Pilgrim’s Progress, Apollyon confronts Christian in the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

Then Apollyon, espying his opportunity, began to gather up close to Christian, and wrestling with him, gave him a dreadful fall; and with that Christian’s sword flew out of his hand. Then said Apollyon, I am sure of thee now: and with that he had almost pressed him to death, so that Christian began to despair of life.

But, as God would have it, while Apollyon was fetching his last blow, thereby to make a full end of this good man, Christian nimbly reached out his hand for his sword, and caught it, saying, Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise, Mic. 7:8; and with that gave him a deadly thrust, which made him give back, as one that had received his mortal wound.

Christian perceiving that, made at him again, saying, Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors, through Him that loved us. Rom. 8:37. And with that Apollyon spread forth his dragon wings, and sped him away, that Christian saw him no more. James 4:7.

Here is that uplifting Micah verse once again,

Rejoice not over me, O my enemy;
when I fall, I shall rise;
when I sit in darkness,
the Lord will be a light to me.
Micah 7:8

When we fall, by God’s grace and strength, we shall rise. Again. And again. And again.We cannot run from the enemy, our armor has no back. It’s only forward looking and thus, we must always be forward moving. When we confront the enemy, we do so head-on.

Until that glorious day when we shall rest once for all, to war no more, to find permanent peace.

Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Do you know the word well enough to nimbly wield it in the heat of battle?


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  1. This collage is one of the most powerful renderings that I’ve ever seen that clearly depicts Satan’s looming presence in this world!! Thank you for encouraging us with absolute Scriptural TRUTH! And because we have hearts that burn with the overwhelming desire to remain (abide and stay) in Christ, we will be empowered to face each spiritual battle (even if it is from our bloody and scraped knees as we rise up from a temporary stumble onto our faces).

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