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Reading The Bible Together Week 1

Scott, one of our elders, writes the blog. I loved this short burst of things to ponder as we go thru scripture together as a church.

thumbnailRomans 1-2 | Sunday: An easy way to think about these chapters is that Romans 1:18-32 describes irreligious Gentiles (think of the younger brother in the prodigal son story in Luke 15). Romans 2 largely describes devoutly religious Jews (think of the older brother). Paul’s goal in Romans 1-2 is to put all people under condemnation so that all (both religious and irreligious) would see the futility of their own actions and the need for salvation by grace through faith in Christ (see Jerry’s text from Christmas Eve: Romans 3:19-26).

Genesis 1-3 | Monday: Lord willing, this will be next week’s sermon text. Moses wrote Genesis somewhere around 1400BC. At that time, likely the most controversial and significant point being made in Genesis 1 was that the God of Israel is the One True Creator and God of all. In a polytheistic culture, this would have been laughable…

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