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Picture Mixture Saturday

Neat pictures from around the web for you. I plan to make this a regular feature.

From Dr Steven Lawson’s Instagram (drstevenjlawson):
“Here is a great picture of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones preaching to a full congregation at the Westminster Chapel. I saw this picture yesterday at The Banner of Truth office in Edinburgh.”

MLJ’s sermons were recorded and can be heard here.



Pixlr is one of my favorite free picture editing apps, and people submit their photos after having used the app. Gorgeous. I would love to go to Georgia’s Callaway Gardens Blue Morpho Month September event. Anyway, Pixlr said: “Such an exquisite photo of a butterfly. Thanks @tbisdd for sharing it with us!”



Photo from A Day in the Life of volcanologists seriesmoderated by Sandie Will. This is a lava flow in Hawaii, from Volcanologist Dr. Rebecca Williams @Volcanologist: A Day in the GeoLife Series #geolife #geology



Speaking of fire, this is a non-photoshopped, real live picture of men finishing their golf game with the hills ablaze behind them. The person who took the shot explains how it happened and its context, which if possible, is even more crazy-surreal than the photo!

fire golf


Hurricane Irma from space. Caption: “Russian cosmonaut Sergey Ryazanskiy took this photo of Hurricane Irma from orbit on Sept. 7, 2017 while he flew overhead aboard the International Space Station. A Soyuz crew capsule is visible at left. Credit: Roscosmos/Sergey Ryazanskiy”. At the time Irma was a category 5 storm.

I’m glad God is in control, yet, His we fear when it’s manifested and evident in seeing the scope of his power and the ease with which He ordains these events.

irma from space


Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Andrew comparison. We traveled on our yacht to Florida after Andrew and Hugo and the devastation was still evident.

“Hurricane Andrew was a Category 5 Atlantic hurricane that struck the Bahamas and Florida in mid-August 1992, the most destructive hurricane to ever hit the state. Wikipedia.”



It’s Fall. I love this season. For many people the decorating motif changes with the seasons. Even if you don’t have a mantel, you can use these ideas for fall tablescapes or vignettes in and among your home, for your hospitality or your Bible study group.

40 Brilliant Mantel Decoration Ideas for Thanksgiving


Blessings to you, all the readers.


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