Recommendation on Devotionals

If it helps anyone, here are three devotionals I like, use, and recommend. I’m just some internet lady, so as always, use your discernment when choosing theological material.

I use alternately three particular devotionals. I like them for men and women, but I especially like them for women because we are too often subjected to wispy and insubstantial devotionals aimed at our gender which are light on theology and heavy on the crayon coloring. These are my favorites:

1. Morning & EveningSpurgeon “Charles Haddon Spurgeon’s classic Morning and Evening collection of daily devotionals was written in England more than a century ago. For generations, its cherished gems of daily strength and meditation inspired millions.”

It is in hard copy and also online, so that if you’re  out and about or traveling you can get it on Kindle or just on WiFi and not miss a day. I love Spurgeon’s devotionals and I read and post one each morning. His “Faith’s Check-book” is another devotional I enjoy, these are even shorter and like the Morning & Evening devotional , are very uplifting.

2. John MacArthur: Any devotional. Heavy on scripture but short enough devotions to help fuel a daily habit and not take so much time one abandons it before beginning. Here is a great overview and review of four of his devotionals which are organized in various ways (daily verse-by-verse through one larger passage, topically, NT, or OT).

3. Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers. Despite being written in Puritan days the language is easily understandable.) I personally consider this book the third most important in the English language, ever (after the Bible and Pilgrim’s Progress). I cannot read one and not feel convicted and slain before the throne of Jesus. They’re wonderful!! The hard copy is available at Amazon, the online

Blurb: “Draw upon the inspiration of the elegant prayers of such Puritans as John Bunyan, Isaac Watts, David Brainerd, Augustus Toplady, and Charles Spurgeon. The Valley of Vision has been prepared not to simply supply Christians with prayers, but to prompt and encourage them as they walk upon the path of others who’ve gone before them. You’ll relish the elegance of these writings as they transport you to the heavenly throne of grace. Topics include redemption and reconciliation, holy aspirations, penitence, and more.”