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Chris Powers’ next animation: Idolatry!

I am so excited for Chris Powers as he is being used by the Lord in creating so many beautiful animations, studies, tract development, and essays at his blog. This young man is full of passion for Christ, but it is oriented rightly, upward. He is humble and Christ-exalting, with a good head on his shoulders and doctrinally solid.

He is in seminary and also attempting to expand his ministry. To that end, he signed on with Patreon, (Deja vu? No, I wrote about this topic earlier in the week). Patreon is a way for people to contribute to a project, in his case a ministry of videos and tracts and curricula to give away for free. He needs support, and Patreon is a way to do it. You can give as little as $1 per month, up to $50 per month. I am supporting him and I pass this video along to you so you can see what he is about. This is the second Patreon video he produced. The first at the link above explains his overall vision for the next phase of ministry. This video focuses on the project he is working on now, a video about idolatry.

If you have a few minutes, please take a listen. The first 2 and a half minutes he discusses his art work, the second half after 3 minutes his verve and passion shines thought as He praises Jesus and explains his hopes for what the video will accomplish. It’s his doctrinal love for Christ that got me, and yet he is putting his life on the line to accomplish it. He has courage. Prayerful, considered, biblical courage.

Why am I writing about a young animator twice in one week, and asking for you to prayerfully consider donations no less?

Because…we bemoan the youth and how they are going astray. Here is one who’s not. They need support for their lives and their projects. John MacArthur is 75 years old and on the occasion of his 75th birthday, a brother in the faith posted, Will the Next john MacArthur Please Stand Up? I don’t know if Chris is the next great preacher for our times of course, but as one generation of Christian influential elders passes, we naturally look to the next generation for whence they will arise. With so much fluff and falsity in this foolish youth generation, here is one man who does not teach fluff and he is not foolish. These young men need support, prayer, and encouragement.

Titus 2:1-6. 1 Timothy 5:1.

Thank you!


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