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Gold is not so precious

The bible discusses gold and treasure quite often. God is a precious metal to us here on earth. It has been since the beginning and it still is today. Subsequently, men become foolish for gold (and other treasure) and store it up. There are lots of warnings about why not to store it up. For example,

“Your gold and silver have corroded, and their corrosion will be evidence against you and will eat your flesh like fire. You have laid up treasure in the last days.” (James 5:3).

Also, gold and other treasure are destroyed by moths and rust. (Matthew 6:19). It can get stolen. (Matthew 6:20).

1 Peter 1:7 says that gold is destroyed. 1 Peter 1:18 said that gold is perishable. Lamentations 4:1 says that gold tarnishes. Matthew 23:17 says that the temple is infinitely more valuable than the gold in the temple. “You blind fools! For which is greater, the gold or the temple that has made the gold sacred?”

Gold is called a precious metal, but is it really precious? Most couples have a gold wedding band. Women have gold necklaces or earrings. Men have gold tie clips or cufflinks. A gold watch can be bought for $110. There is gold in every computer’s circuit board. Some people use gold for teeth! Does that sound precious to you?

We think of gold as a precious metal but here on earth it’s not really. In the heavenly eternal state, it’s really not precious.

Typically we think of the gold street as something of beauty that the Lord has adorned His holy city for His bride. (Revelation 21:2). And that is true. But here is an opposite thought just to ponder:

Something that is precious is rare. It is even unique. Faith in Jesus is really the only precious thing there is. (1 Peter 1:7). There is only ONE Jesus! Now, that’s precious! The New Jerusalem even has no temple because God and Jesus is the temple (Rev 21:22).

As Pastor Jordan Hall said, “The traditional thought on these streets of gold (Revelation 21:21b) is that God is demonstrating the worth of Heaven. Could it be instead that God is demonstrating the worthlessness of gold?”

With such a precious treasure before our eyes, what is gold, then? In heaven, it is a common material that we will tread upon with our feet. Did God place the gold underfoot for all eternity to continually remind us of how we were warned not to set our eyes upon what we previously thought of as precious?

In heaven’s economy, gold seems to be the same as asphalt is to us today. Today on earth would we strew around in our home all our gold necklaces and earrings and platters and rings and walk on them? No. But we will in heaven. For the believers who believe by faith, it is an eternally wonderful trade, a faith in Him who is more precious than gold.


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