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Gaza-Israel situation: updates, leaflets announcing imminent ground invasion

I posted earlier tonight about the very tenuous situation between Gaza/Hamas and Israel. It is a very bad situation that could well lead down the final path toward the rapture, through the Tribulation and end up at Armageddon. Many wars are prophesied for the end of the end, including in Syria in Isaiah 17; Israel as seen in Revelation 12; Egypt as in Isaiah 19; Gaza, Hamas, and others as seen in Psalm 83; Russia, Iran, Turkey, Armenia and others as in Gog Magog Ezekiel 38-39.

Here is what is going on, and events are happening fast.

Iron Dome has so far successfully intercepted 25 rockets from #Gaza aimed at major Israeli cities #PillarsofDefense via @IDFSpokesperson

As prophesied, people are not coming to Israel’s side.

“As a President of United Nations Department of Political Affairs I condemn the attacks by Israel in Gaza!”

Egypt recalls ambassador following Gaza strikes

Israel okays mobilising reserve troops for Gaza if needed

Israel PM ‘prepared to expand’ Gaza operation 

VIDEO – IDF drops leaflets warning Palestinian civilians to “avoid being present in the vicinity of #Hamas operatives”

Joel Rosenberg offers context for the situation:

“CONTEXT: Israel doesn’t occupy Gaza. Israel withdrew all its forces from Gaza in 2005. Yet Israeli towns along its southern borders have been hit with hundreds of rockets and mortars in recent months, while the world has remained silent. More than 1 million Israeli civilians have been under constant threat of attack. Schools are closed. Businesses are closed. People are living in fear. Children can’t sleep. It has become an unsustainable situation. So on Wednesday, the IDF killed of the top Hamas military commander — Ahmed Jabari – who had masterminded myriad attacks on Israel, had been in charge of the kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, and oversaw the firing of thousands of rockets and mortars at Israel. See video of the airstrike that killed Jabari. The Israeli Air Force on Wednesday also bombed at least 20 terror facilities in Gaza. Hamas terrorists vowed revenge, saying Israel has “opened the gates of Hell” and that it plans a massive retaliation.’


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