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Jordan accuses Israel of interfering with Jordan’s nuclear ambitions

King Abdullah: Israel disrupting Jordan’s nuclear plans
“King Abdullah II on Wednesday accused Israel of disrupting Jordan’s nuclear program which is aimed at meeting its dire energy needs and powering water desalination plants, in an exclusive interview with AFP. “Strong opposition to Jordan’s nuclear energy program is coming from Israel,” the king said.”

Israel denies interfering with Jordan’s nuclear energy ambitions
“An Israeli official denied that his country is trying to disrupt Jordan’s nuclear energy program. The official dismissed charges by Jordan’s King Abdullah II on Wednesday that Israel is trying to thwart Jordan’s attempts to develop a nuclear energy program, the French news agency AFP reported. “Every time that we were consulted on this we adopted a positive approach,” the official told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity. “We were consulted and we always said that of course if this was done according to NPT [Non-Proliferation Treaty] regulations and supervision and everything, then fine, we have no objection.”

Jordanian official: No tension between Israel, Jordan
“Asked whether diplomatic relations between Israeli and Jordanian leaders still exist, Amro said: “I believe that there is no tension between the two countries. We have a good relationship.”

Israel’s most unsecured border?
“Sinai smugglers face crackdown around Egyptian border but may soon find an alternative route via Jordan, where border area is alarmingly exposed. Residents fear this will be source of next terror attack.”

And so it goes.


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