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Tons of dead fish appear on, then disappear from Norwegian beach

On January 2 I wrote about millions of dead herring that had overnight washed up on a shore in Norway. I’d mused that 2011 opened with bird deaths and then fish deaths, and 2012 seemed like it was a mirror of that weirdness exactly one year prior. Now, more weirdness: from the same spot in Norway-

Tons of dead fish appear on, then disappear from Norwegian beach
Tons of dead herring that washed up on a Norwegian beach on New Year’s Eve are now gone, and no one is sure how they got there or where they went. Local resident Jan-Petter Jorgensen told Norway’s TV2 he went to look at the thousands and thousands of fish after seeing a Facebook posting about them, according to a report on The Foreigner. Joregensen said it was fortunate the icy cold prevented the mass of dead fish from raising a stink. “It is 15 degrees below zero today, so the cold means they don’t smell. Nevertheless, the smell will be pretty intense in the long run,” he said, according to The Foreigner report. Turns out that wasn’t a problem. Views and News from Norway reports that as of Tuesday, most of the dead fish were gone, perhaps pushed out to sea by tides and winds. The local mayor said they’ll likely sink in the ocean, according to the report. Why they came to be on the shore remains a mystery.”

From the Norwegian news outlet Views and News from Norway:
“UPDATED: Thousands of dead herring, known as sild in Norwegian, covered a beach in northern Norway over the New Year’s weekend and no one is sure how or why they landed there to die. One senior marine researcher said he’s never seen anything like it, and then the dead fish disappeared as mysteriously as they came.”


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