Mysterious bubble over Beijing skies mystifies observers

Scientists are baffled as panicked Chinese upload photos of phenomenon. Report by Jeremy Barnes.

JungleApocalyse (lol) says:
“It was quite a sight over the skies of Beijing Thursday. A mysterious bubble cloud of sorts caught the attention of many in the city. The seemingly unique phenomenon has become somewhat of a hit on the Internet. Photos were posted online of a mysteriously huge bubble cloud over the skies of Beijing and surrounding areas Thursday, which raised concerns and discussions among netizens. “At first, it’s relatively small and bright, the upper part is something like a semi-circle, a spherical ring of light, it’s obviously becoming bigger and bigger then.” When the observation team set their instruments at the bubble, it gradually became bigger and thinner. The entire occurrence lasted for less than 15 minutes. Observers took pictures of the whole process and posted them online.”

More strange things in the skies. UFO’s, weird clouds, Norway spirals, and now a plasma cloud. Interesting! The signs of imminent intrusion into our lives by Jesus Christ Almighty are getting more common and more noticeable. Just like birth pangs.