UN gives European Union unprecedented status

I wrote this on my weekly newsletter (email me to sign up) about a recent event at the UN I believe has prophetic indicators all over it. The bible tells us that in the Tribulation the anticrist will be king of the world, who can overcome him? (Daniel 11:36-45, all except for Jordan; Rev 13:13). The antichrist institutes a false religious system and a false economic system and with a heavy hand, oppresses all who oppose him.

For this to happen, sovereign will must be diminished. Individual nations must subsume their own national wants and needs to the greater global good, and look not to their own ‘kings’ but toward the Beast. The key point is that governance will be central, located in Babylon. (Rev 17-18). And the one who will be managing that central government will be the antichrist.

The watch-word of the 1990s and 2000’s has been ‘global.’ Global commerce, global governance, global ties, you name it. The Powers that Be strove to shrink the world through closer economic and diplomatic ties, and Islam has striven to shrink the world through its religion and attendant Shariah Law. The European Union has grown, as has the African Union, Caribbean Union, the North American Union and the South American Union. Over these last two decades, the nations have slowly re-formed into regional blocs. As they did, most particularly the EU, they dispensed with sovereign currency created one currency to be used within that bloc.

Of course, the United Nations is a governing body situated in New York City that strives to be the world’s legislative, military, and economic go-to body. There are currently 192 member states that belong to it, including every internationally recognized sovereign state in the world but the Vatican City.

That is, until this week. The EU was granted status never before granted to a regional bloc and not a sovereign nation.

EU now has super-observer status at United Nations
“According to the resolution, EU representatives may now be entered on the list of speakers and invited to participate in the general debate of the General Assembly. The text also gives them the right to present proposals and amendments agreed by the member states of the European Union and the right to exercise the right of reply regarding EU positions. However, as an observer, the EU will not have the right to vote or to put forward candidates.”

The UK Telegraph reports it this way:

“A vote was passed by the 192-nation UN General Assembly after high-powered lobbying by EU foreign affairs representative Catherine Ashton and ambassadors from the 27-nation bloc. Other regional groups such as the Arab League, African Union and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) may now seek a similar extra observer rights at the global body, diplomats said. The EU made one attempt to get the extra powers at the General Assembly last year, but suffered an embarrassing defeat when small states opposed a vote and sought extra time for negotiations. [American UN Ambassador] Ashton led behind-the-scenes talks that went on up to the final hours before Tuesday’s vote which passed with 180 countries in favour and Zimbabwe and Nauru abstaining. Csaba Korosi, ambassador from Hungary, the current EU president, told the assembly: “The European Union wishes to bring its full weight to bear in supporting and strengthening” global governance. “

There are several implications here. First, the US led this push. Second, it is the first time a bloc and not an individual nation was granted these powers. It creates an entirely new category of sovereign status: a bloc and not a nation. Third, now that the European Union (EU) is granted super-observer status, then other regional blocs will seek the powers and likely be accepted. In several articles I read, the African Union, the Caribbean Union and the Arab League were all mentioned as likely to immediately follow suit and petition for super-observer status.

Last, the quote about bringing full weight to global governance will come back to haunt the world when the antichrist finally DOES bring full weight to global governance. They know not that they ask for! But US Ambassador Ashton said that the EU promised “to be extremely and absolutely respectful” of other sovereign voices. Ahem. That’s not what the bible predicts…

So in the articles, there are four of the ten kingdoms mentioned, perhaps. In any case, we can see that global governance is gaining acceptance, credibility, and power. We can see that geo-political powers are beginning to align exactly as the bible says they will in the Tribulation. And as Hal Lindsey says, if we can see the beginnings of the prophesied Tribulation events, the rapture must be that much closer.

It wouldn’t take much for the already-receptive world to accept a global government if there was sufficient catalyst. That catalyst could be the disappearance of millions from the work force, throwing the world economy into disarray. The catalyst could be several successive and devastating wars, such as prophesied in Isaiah 17:1, Psalm 83, Matthew 24:6, and Ezekiel 39-39. The catalyst could be a dispossessed refugee population hungry and broke, roaming from from successive natural disaster catastrophes. The world has a lot of questions just now. “What is going on?” “Why are things going bad like this no matter what we try?” “When will things get back to normal?” At this point, with global powder kegs nearly aflame everywhere, it really would not take much of a catalyst for the world to go after a smooth talking man who appears to have all the answers.

And unwittingly, the UN just made it easier.

Credit: Chris Britt, Springfield, IL — From the State Journal-Register
March 29, 2004