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Disaster roundup, 2011

Here is a 2011 disaster roundup for the year so far, with less than half the year gone. Statistics were gathered from this week’s Hal Lindsey report. It is pretty sobering to read this list, and it doesn’t even include most of the rest of the world which has had their share of disasters.

In the American south, there were massive thunderstorms that spawned 266 tornadoes within a 24/hr period. People in 5 states were killed.

One tornado was clocked as an EF-5 (highest tornado rating, with winds in excess 200/mph)

One twister was 1.5miles wide, was at least EF-4 and was on the ground for an unthinkable 80mi!

The record for single day of number of twisters was super-outbreak 1974, when 267 twisters touched down.
The highest number of  tornadoes in single month was May 2003, when 558 touched down. May is historically the worst twister month.

April 2011 there were 871 tornadoes, shattering ALL records!

This year so far there have been many disaster records tied or broken:

Jan: Australia had floods of biblical proportion
Jan: Floods occurred throughout world including massive floods in Brazil.
Feb: a deadly earthquake flattened Christchurch NZ
March: a 9.1 quake in Japan, so powerful it moved Honshu Island and shifted earth on its axis.
Mar: Tsunami washed away much of Japan’s coastline
Mar: Tsunami caused nuclear meltdown at Fukushima, which is still ongoing

All year, ongoing :
–unexplained eq swarm in Arkansas, with thousands of continual earthquakes
–record drought
–record snow
–record cold
–catastrophic wildfires in TX
–Midwest historic flooding

This year already there have been 23 FEMA fedederal disaster declarations. In addition,

–The US is involved in 3 separate wars
–The Middle east erupted in chaos
–Oil prices are skyrocketing
–US Dollar is in freefall
–UN warns of severe food shortages worldwide

This is not normal. This is not global warming, either. This is Jesus. Jesus said that prior to His return, the earth would experience wars, rumors wars, famines, earthquakes, unrest, international tension. He said that these things would begin slowly and increase in frequency and intensity the closer we got to His appearing. (To when He returns bodily on the earth, not the rapture when He meets His Bride in the air and does not return all the way to earth).

You need to be ready. Being ready means being saved. Period. If you are reading this and are not saved, don’t let the rapture and the Tribulation judgments be the sign that you needed all along to convince you. Prepare your heart to receive the conviction of the Holy Spirit NOW, and then repent in all sincerity while there is still time join us in the church age. Repent simply means being sorry for the bad things you have thought, said, and did. And asking Jesus to forgive those. God’s justice was satisfied in Jesus’ death and shed blood, so you need not pay the penalty for your sin-crimes. And besides, you never know which day your end will come, it is of utmost eternal importance to be prepared to meet Jesus as His friend and not His enemy. Because, you WILL meet Jesus, one way or another.

If you are reading this and you THINK you are saved but have niggling doubts, or you assent intellectually that Jesus lived and died, but never really believed in His deity, you also need to allow the Holy Spirit to convict you toward sincere repentance. The longer you let it ride the more likely it is that He will give you over to your hard heart. Don’t resist the Spirit if you feel Him drawing you. And finally if you know that you KNOW that you are saved but it has been a while since you repented of a daily sin, please do that now. Don’t let anything hinder your walk with Jesus or obstruct your prayer life, with your praise going up and His blessings flowing down. Keep the lines of communication open.

Friends, it is too late to play games. Get serious. The generation is this one. Your days are numbered. The time is now.


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