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Ahmadinejad may resign

In an interesting story yesterday, it seems that Iran’s President Ahmadinejad has displeased the clerics (who really rule the nation) and especially has displeased Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei. In the story I published yesterday, it was stated that Ahmadinead may be fighting for his political life, and that the word “impeachment” has already been flung around. It was also stated that Ahmadinejad will be speaking in public in a few days. Read that update here.

In a story published by Haaretz today, it was stated that the speech Ahmadinejad is rumored to be making soon will in fact be a resignation speech.

Iran cleric warns Ahmadinejad not to overestimate his power
“The controversy started earlier this month after Ahmadinejad dismissed his intelligence chief Heydar Moslehi but faced a veto by Khamenei, who insisted that Moslehi should stay in his post. Ahmadinejad has not yet reacted to the issue and for more than week has avoided any public appearance and reportedly has not attended the weekly cabinet session. There are even rumors that Ahmadinejad is at his home in eastern Tehran and no longer at the presidential office and plans to resign.”

For all the prophetic reasons that I mentioned yesterday, watching Iran ALWAYS bears astute attention. That nation is forecast to be a major end time player, and seeing this week’s shake-up at the top holds high interest for all watchmen. Stay tuned!


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