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His Light is so bright in the children!

At Church Club we started a new unit this Wednesday called “God’s Creation.” I love how the Spirit is so alive in children. I love how they respond.

I told the kids that my unsaved friend didn’t think the bible was right because the bible says the sun  moon and stars was made on the 4th day, so there could not have been light on day 1. I said to the kids, listen to what God said, and you tell me the riddle. I read the creation account from Genesis 1.

As each day’s creation was made, I paused to list them on the white board.

Day 1: The heavens, the earth, light and darkness.
Day 2: Heaven
Day 3: Dry land, the seas, and vegetation.
Day 4: The sun, the moon and the stars.
Day 5: Living creatures in the water, birds in the air.
Day 6: Land animals and people.

As the verses were read, the kids were absorbing every scrap. Eyes wide, they hung on the words.

“Here is a riddle”, I said. “If the sun wasn’t made until the 4th day, where did the light on day 1 come from?”

5 seconds beat…

“GOD”! They shouted. “The Holy Spirit!” “Jesus!” “Because He is a light unto my feet and a lamp unto my path!”

Ta-DA! The kids know, they shouted it with no hesitation, and the ones that didn’t know, heard it from their PEERS. 🙂

The Spirit is in these kids. They understand intuitively about God, and creation. I thank all you parents who read the bible with them, and bring them to church, and be a Godly example to them. I thank the grandparents and the relatives and the classroom teachers and the Sunday School teachers for nurturing the seed of the Spirit in them. That no matter how tired you are…no matter how distraught or stressed, it makes SUCH a difference that you take the time to nurture the spark God put in all of us.

We are all born intuitively knowing about God. We immediately comprehend that we are a part of creation that is bigger than us, a creation that that was made and not evolved. Far from “church indoctrinating the children”, they already know. It is the world that beats it OUT of them. You are all making a difference in your children by being a good example in these tumultuous times. May His light shine that brightly in all of us.


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