Chris Matthews’ man-crush on Obama just keeps getting more embarrassing

Remember, he is a NEWS media person, he is supposed to be objective.

Here is a transcript of the comment:
CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: You know, whatever you say, I want to talk about the subjective president, Gene, your reaction to this. Subjectively, in his heart, he’s a happy man this weekend. That smile, that cute smile we all love in that guy. That wonderful, boyish smile of his he gave us there after he made his little crack about the holiday spirit. I haven’t seen that in months.

What was even more delicious about this snippet was the look on Robinson’s face when Matthews was swooning:

All the above is courtesy of Newsbusters, a site I HIGHLY recommend.

Can you picture Chet Huntley saying Ike had a ‘boyish smile we all love’? Or Walter Cronkite saying JFK’s  smile was cute? On national television? No. Not a chance.