Eleven-year-old defends home with a pink rifle

It’s come to this: 11 year olds girls defending their home from armed gunmen.

I think this is just heartbreaking, for all the reasons. That the intruders were young themselves, is terrible. I read of three thirteen year old boys setting an abandoned home on fire in New Gloucester, Maine recently, and it astonishes me that kids so young are committing these high crimes. Only 40 years ago the worst thing my peers did was steal a gumball, or make a prank phone call. Now they stalk fortified homes and burn property. Forty years is considered a generation in the bible, so look how far and how fast we have fallen. And how utterly we have abandoned our children to satan.

The article says that the family knows one of the boys who were subsequently arrested. Imagine, a trust betrayal of that magnitude, knowing the people you are prepared to steal from and perhaps kill.

I feel so heartbroken for that little girl, terrified and hiding behind a couch, then getting up the nerve to lock and load a gun, point it at intruders and be prepared to fire. You never feel the same after you have been on the receiving end of a gun barrel, and I believe you never are the same after looking through a sight at a human being, either. She’ll never feel safe in her home again, knowing that the boldness of criminals means the law isn’t enough to stay them, and her locks are not enough to keep them out.

Our children are at risk from womb to adulthood. In the womb, they are killed by quartering through abortion. For everyone who studies medieval torture and execution methods, you know that they used to tie each limb to a horse and then smack the 4 horses to speed off in 4 directions, tearing the body apart. You say to yourself, “Oh, how horrible! How barbaric!” Abortion is the same. A baby is torn apart, alive. Yet this generation does not say “Oh how terrible! How barbaric!” But the Lord will say it, and to your face. It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

Children are aborted, sold, neglected, traded, tortured, prostituted, tossed, tossed some more, and killed.  Yet they are the most precious thing to Jesus. He loves them so very much, and warned us that there will be woes to those who harm them, in Luke 17:1-2. They would be better off having a millstone put round their neck and drowned than causing harm to even one of His little ones.

So I do pray for the rapture because I want to be away from this sinful world. I pray for it because want to be with Jesus. I pray for it because Paul told us to look for Him and be eager for His appearing. But mostly, I pray for it because I want safety and permanent love for the children. I thank Him that He loves us so much and that He takes special care for the children. It will be a glorious reunion for me, but I am eagerly awaiting the children’s reaction to seeing Him. Won’t that be glorious!