Without natural affection

A horrifying story has broken in our area, one that is though terrible, is becoming all too tragically common. A father who did not have custody of his two sons asked the mother to visit them over the weekend, and when he got his sons he drove them into the woods and shot them. Then he shot himself. One boy was 4 and the other was 7.

Just a few days before that, in my old home town, another father killed his autistic son, then himself. Reports of parents killing their children are becoming less rare and more common as each day passes. Unfortunately, the bible prophesies that the end time would be filled with families “without natural affection”.

2 Timothy 3:3 it states the end times will be rife with people who are “Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good… The Greek word for ‘without natural affection’ is astorgos and the short definition is ‘unfeeling.’ The word originates from alpha and storgé (family affection). “The Greek means ‘Without natural affection – To their own children. Intemperate, fierce.”

Matthew Henry said in his bible commentary:
“See what a corruption of nature sin is, how it deprives men even of that which nature has implanted in them for the support of their own kind; for the natural affection of parents to their children is that which contributes very much to the keeping up of mankind upon the earth. And those who will not be bound by natural affection, no marvel that they will not be bound by the most solemn leagues and covenants. They are truce-breakers, that make no conscience of the engagements they have laid themselves under.”

What could be worse for a child, but to feel in peril for their very lives from the one to whom it is entrusted, their father? As Matthew Henry said, ‘see what a corruption of nature sin is…” O Lord come quickly!