New philosophy on Middle East Peace: "Just Force It!"

Last November, I reported on a troubling new thought inserted into the Middle East peace negotiation process put forth by then- EU High Diplomat Javier Solana; “just force it.” I wrote, “Solana essentially said, let’s cut through the red tape, quit the talk, and walk the walk. How about creating a Palestinian State!”The United Nations Security Council should “proclaim the adoption of the two-state solution.” (image source and explanation here)

Obama has taken that thought and has been running with it ever since. In the background, massive pressure has been brought to bear on Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to divide Jerusalem and give the Palestinians their own state. Lately, that ‘background’ pressure erupted in a very public fight between Israel and the US, reported here, and here. Now the Asia Times reported yesterday that “Obama imposing a Palestinian state”

“Last December, American officials spoke of a timeframe of two years until the creation of a Palestinian state. At that point, it seemed like an unrealistic hope, but so did the healthcare overhaul until recently. A bilateral compromise among Israelis and Palestinians appears now less likely than ever; however, Obama’s head-on collision with the Israeli government, coupled with his open support of a new, moderate and more efficient Palestinian leadership (that of the technocrat Prime Minister Salam Fayyad), has increased the likelihood of another scenario. The Obama administration might try to use Israel’s dependence on the US (especially in the UN Security Council) to force the Israelis to agree on a version of the Arab Peace Initiative, and lead a chorus of condemnation against whoever drops the towel. Such a public relations sleight of hand is characteristic of Obama and has been extremely effective on the domestic front.”

Obama’s relationship with Palestinian Fayyad was remarked on here, in Haaretz: PM heads to U.S. under threat of Palestinian statehood declaration. The private diplomatic skirmishes have not only become very public battles but it is now becoming obvious to all that alliances are shifting. Even the Liberal, Obama-worshiping Huffington Post is noticing. “Israeli government actions since Vice President Biden’s visit have thrust Jerusalem into the forefront of the Obama administration’s efforts to revive the peace process. They have brought US-Israel relations to their lowest point since the first Bush presidency. How did we get there? How can we get out?”

We don’t get out, that’s what. God is handling things, not us. As mournful as it is to see us abandon Israel, it is a praise to the LORD to see these things are coming to pass exactly as prophesied in the bible. Israel will have no friends and Jerusalem will be attacked by all nations in the last days. Zechariah 12:3 and 14:2 tells us that.

Perhaps God is forcing Israel’s friends away from her so that in the end she will have nowhere else to turn except to Himself. Perhaps He is preparing Israel for her judgment. Perhaps He is preparing us for our judgment. We may not know why all these things happen at any given moment, but we do know He knows why, and we know they will happen.

God promised to bless those that bless Israel and curse those that curse Israel, and we as a nation may be under imminent judgment because we are forcing her to divide God’s land, (Joel 3:2), but we as individual people can and should still show unconditional love and support for the Jewish people. We can pray for them as a people and as a nation. We are told in Psalm 122 that we should pray for the peace of Jerusalem, because we know that doing so is in effect a prayer for the Millennial Reign when God’s promise to His people of the Kingdom Age is fulfilled. (Ezekiel 40-48)

Will you join me in prayer for the nation of Israel, the people of Israel, the Jews still in Diaspora, and the Leaders of Israel? May YHWH bless them and hear our prayers.