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Emotional Fallout of the COVID-19 Lockdown

By Elizabeth Prata

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Today is one week since we heard that school would be closed for a lengthy period, and a week since the President called a National State of Emergency, a week since coronavirus patients started exponentially increasing.

I haven’t seen (too much) complaining about government asking churches to suspend operations. I’ve seen churches comply in the spirit of Romans 13:1. Continue reading “Emotional Fallout of the COVID-19 Lockdown”

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Some truth about coronavirus

By Elizabeth Prata

Yesterday CNN, (Cable News Network) decided to unilaterally call the covid-19 flu outbreak a pandemic. I wasn’t aware that CNN reporters had global medical expertise enough to decide for the world whether the coronavirus had reached a criterion-laden level of that sort. CNN has had hidden talents all this time.

My sarcasm stems from a deep anguish and a disappointment in the journalism we have come to know and either love or hate, depending on which side of the aisle you’re on. If you’re reading an evangelical blog named “The End Time”, I suspect you’re on the side where you also feel some disappointment, anguish or at least skepticism over the state of affairs in world reporting by these mainstream outlets.
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