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Spiritually thriving amid the biggest spectacle of all

By Elizabeth Prata

Everything feels like an off-kilter carnival

We love spectacles.

As a kid growing up, the thing to do was pile into some relative’s car (the one who had the hugest station wagon), throw a bunch of sleeping bags and blankets in the back, a bunch of cousins too, and head to the Drive-In. The Drive-In was an outdoor theater where you pull up in your car next to a pole with a speaker on it, clip the speaker to the half open car window and enjoy a movie on a 50′ screen. There was a snack shack centrally located to get your popcorn and Coke, and rest rooms somewhere out there too. The steam from all our breathing fogged up the windows and mosquitoes infested the car inside. Since the summer’s late sunset meant the movie had to start late, we usually fell asleep. But the novelty was the screen. It was huge! What a spectacle that was! Continue reading “Spiritually thriving amid the biggest spectacle of all”