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Reprove, Rebuke, Exhort
The Pyromaniacs explain 2 Timothy 4:2’s “reprove, rebuke, exhort” verse.

What is a Pastor anymore?
Pastor Chris Gordon discusses “An office that should be held in high esteem by those who are privileged to serve in this capacity is being thrown to the dogs” and offers “a brief write-up on the warning signs of a pastor who has not been truly called by God to the office.”

Russia Today report,Firestorm Forecast: ‘Syria can set region ablaze‘”
Video discusses the current situation in Syria and whether intervention on humanitarian reasons should be entertained. But Syria and Russia say that intervention by the west would turn the region into a firestorm.

The Fireballs of February
NASA notes that though the number of observed fireballs is not any higher than usual, it is the appearance and trajectory that has them puzzled…

The sky actually IS falling, scientists find
Really. Scientists finished a decade long study, and clouds are lower.

Temporary RV occupancy
In a devastating indictment on how bad the economy has gotten, Board of Commissioners in my county took up the issue of how to deal with the explosive growth of people parking their RV’s and living in them. As more people lose their homes, planting an RV on a cousin’s pasture land and moving the family in seems to be the last option ahead of homelessness. Commissioners dealt with the issue first here, and then codified some ordinance and zoning rules about it here.

Metal theft getting ridiculous
In another local-to-me story, metal theft is hitting farmers hard. One farmer said, “Madison County’s Bill Sartain came back from church one day and found firemen at his house. A neighbor smelled gas and called 9-1-1. “We just thought it was a gas leak to start with and then we got to looking and someone had also been in the chicken house and stole a bunch of wire,” said Sartain. The crooks weren’t done. “They’ve been back since and stole more, and been back again and stole more,” said Sartain. “I put out game cameras to try to catch them and they stole them, too.”

Need a daily dose of Spurgeon? Devotionals here

World’s oldest abstract art may be contained on a newly found Stone Age pebble. Sounds like a tempest in a  teapot to me.

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