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Derechos in NY and satan in Times Square

When you live a holy life and allow the Spirit to lead you, He grows you incrementally in Christlikeness. That means you’re more pure today than yesterday. You seek holiness more today than you sought sin last week. It means your eyes will desire to see the noble things and not the base things.

I strive to maintain a strict filter of what goes into my mind. I don’t watch movies often, I don’t like secular books, I put in a strict limit on my web searches, and I watch only a few television shows. Satan has done a great job of saturating the media with profanity, blasphemy, nudity, homosexuality, and every other thing you can imagine that God hates.

Never was that more apparent to me than today. I am not saying I am SO holy. I have a long way to go. But I am only remarking on the benchmark that was put under my nose today and I was struck by the force of it. In looking at The Weather Channel’s pictures of the looming storms that are due to arrive in NY any moment, I was wowed by satan’s presence there:

If you enlarge the picture it gets even more dramatically obvious. Sex, money, nudity, sex with ghosts and more sex.

I’m not naive. I know that there are a plethora of posters and advertisements out there that are doing a good job promoting satan’s works of darkness. What I am remarking on is that this is the first time in years that I saw any photo of Times Square with its blatant demonic trade, and it sucker-punched me in the stomach. The instant I saw it, it was like a physical blow. THAT is sanctification, and THAT is the boast: I’m boasting on the Holy Spirit’s work which today showed me a benchmark of the progress He has wrought in me, Jesus’s new creature.

I had looked up the photo from a link on The Weather Channel, but now I see it in quite a different dimension. Rather than seeing it simply as a snapshot of an oncoming weather system, it seems to me for all the world to be God’s looming judgment over sin.