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James White on Rick Warren’s capitulation to Rome part 2

Here is a great follow up to James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries’ concern over Rick Warren’s capitulation to Rome part 1. He examines the Judaizers of Galatians and shows that even a minute change in the Gospel of Christ is a total abandonment of that Gospel. The strongest language in the New Testament is spoken against those who pervert the Gospel. Compared to much of today’s professing Christianity, the Judaizers look extremely conservative and even almost orthodox, and yet Rome makes the Judaizers look like amateurs in perverting Christ’s Gospel.

The video is 14 minutes and White also has good words for how to comment on the situation (hint: not angrily nor arrogantly) and he also expresses a biblical stance on why we should be concerned when we do speak up over these matters.

A commenter on the first video kindly posted this link to this follow up. Thank you.

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James White: "Rick Warren’s Capitulation to Rome"

Alpha and Omega Ministries: November 30, 2014
Video Response to Rick Warren’s Capitulation to Rome
By James White

[Ed. Note: White has since put up a part 2 and it can be viewed here. It is excellent!)

As synopsized on the Youtube channel, it states of the 12-minute video,

Rick Warren has been used in a Roman Catholic promotional video to white-wash the fundamental differences between Christianity and Romanism. Here is a brief response, shot in Irpin, Ukraine, challenging Warren’s capitulation to Rome’s claims


In the video James White explains that Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church, had gone to Rome to meet with the pope and other men from different faiths, to discuss their ‘commonalities’. I believe it was the conference on marriage to which the Southern Baptist Convention’s Dr Russell Moore (among others) was also invited.

White goes on to explain how the things Warren said are not biblical, though they sound as though they could be. Other things Warren said are simply Catholic Dogma, as Warren briefly becomes an apologist for Catholic doctrine.

White is generous in his hope that it was only a temporary ignorance of the dogmas of Rome that allowed Warren to say the things he did, which White unpacks against the pure light of the Gospel. I thought that the last statement White made in the video was powerful- and necessary.

I found myself asking the obvious unasked question, if Warren was ignorant, then he should not be mature pastor of a church expounding the word, nor should he represent the Gospel on behalf of millions of evangelicals. In my opinion Warren is a pragmatist who sets aside the Gospel because he is going the Way of Balaam.

Our precious Christ’s Gospel must remain unadulterated, and on center stage, not marginalized in a pointless search for commonalities. If we do not share a belief in and knowledge of this same Jesus and His saving Gospel, we share nothing in common. All else is dung. He is too beautiful, too wonderful and too powerful to treat His words with anything less than reverence and earnest exactitude as it has been delivered.

Here is the video.