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101 ways to help your pastor

By Elizabeth Prata

I didn’t write this. It is reposted with permission from the blog The Working Pastor. These times are so hard, the needs are so great, the worries are at a fever pitch, the time is so near, and your pastor is in the center of it all. Please help him! A good shepherd is like gold these days. We all depend on him, and if we can do even a few of these ways to help him, surely it will result in help to many.

101 Ways To Help Your Pastor

In Prayer By Praying…

-1 For his safety as he travels about.
-2 For his good health – physically.
-3 For his wife.
-4 For his children.
-5 For his personal financial needs.
-6 For his emotional needs – depression, etc.
-7 For his spiritual needs – grace, peace, mercy.
-8 For his personal walk with God – spiritual growth.
-9 For his besetting sins and character flaws.
-10 For his witness – to be faithful to it.
-11 For his witness – boldness.
-12 For power/unction of Holy Ghost on his life and ministry.
-13 For his effectiveness as a leader.
-14 For his effectiveness as a husband.
-15 For his effectiveness as a father.
-16 For him to have many open doors of ministry.
-17 For his open doors to be prolonged and sustained.
-18 That he would be delivered from unreasonable people.
-19 That he would be delivered from wicked people.
-20 That he would be delivered from ensnaring people.

When You Are In Public…

-21 By always promoting his good qualities.
-22 By never involving yourself in gossip about him.
-23 By highlighting the helpful lessons and messages which he has preached recently.
-24 By treating him with highest respect.
-25 By defending him when criticized in a Christ-like way.

When You Are At Church…

-26 By seeking ways to be more involved in church activities.
-27 By seeking ways to possibly take the leadership roles in activities. BE AVAILABLE!
-28 By being faithful to all the public worship services unless Providentially hindered.
-29 By being on time.
-30 By being polite to others.
-31 By keeping church politics to a minimum.
-32 By being willing to give your seat up to others; including visitors.
-33 By picking up any trash on the floors and in the churchyard. Also by straightening things up that are out of place.
-34 By keeping restrooms looking neat and clean.
-35 By turning lights off.

When Your Church Has Business Meetings…

-36 By attending each meeting.
-37 By having a co-operative spirit.
-38 By agreeing to disagree agreeably.
-39 By only offering helpful suggestions.
-40 By not carrying grudges to or from a meeting.

With Church Problems…

-41 By not being one.
-42 By not trying to think FOR the pastor.
-43 By not jumping the gun and thinking the pastor is not doing anything about a particular situation that means a lot to you.
-44 By staying out of the way unless directly involved.
-45 By not gossiping about problems with other church members.
-46 By praying for wisdom to be given to pastor on how to handle the problem(s) at hand.
-47 By praying for the individuals/groups involved to do what is right.

With Enlisting More Laborers…

-48 By being one.
-49 By training others to take your place… if you hold a position.
-50 By praying for more laborers.

When Approaching Him…

-51 By speaking to pastor in the way you want to be spoken to.
-52 By not assuming pastor has been made aware of your specific need or circumstance.
-53 By not demanding an answer to anything.
-54 By not putting him into a corner with no way to come out.
-55 By keeping your questions and problems till after the worship service.
-56 By waiting until there is nobody around for privacy.
-57 By trying to speak with pastor initially in a public area, and not in the office first. – testimony

As A Deacon…

-58 By making visits for him.
-59 By shielding him from unnecessary nonsense.
-60 By praying for him.
-61 By never seeking to undermine in any form or fashion.
-62 By speaking positively of him; especially when around those who are disgruntled.
-63 By being on the lookout for potential issues and ready to help.


-64 By helping to provide a livable wage as a church member.
-65 By supporting a yearly raise.
-66 By paying (church) for his gas. – visits, etc.
-67 By providing (church) a retirement package.
-68 By covering health insurance for him and family. (church)
-69 By giving him a love gift at Christmas.
-70 By giving him a birthday present.
-71 By providing a monthly library fund for the purchase of new books. This helps him when developing a series and other studies.

By Being friendly…

-72 Seeking to have him and family over for dinner.
-73 Enjoying recreational activities with him and his family.
-74 Even when you are in a disagreement him.

By Promoting His Ministry…

-75 In an ad in the paper at your own expense.
-76 On the radio in an advertisement, etc.
-77 On facebook. – Fanpage of church/pastor
-78 On twitter.
-79 Giving away CD’s cassette tapes, and DVD’s of his messages to your friends and co-workers.
-80 When sending emails to your friends and acquaintances.

In Sharing The Gospel Of Jesus Christ…

-81 By participating in door to door soul-winning.
-82 By participating in a neighborhood literature distribution campaign.
-83 By helping at tract tables at flea markets and fairs.
-84 By having unsaved friends over for a party and inviting your pastor over to witness to them.
-85 By helping a group who goes street preaching.
-86 By helping in a jail ministry.
-87 By helping in an addiction ministry like Reformers Unanimous.

While He Is Preaching…

-88 By paying attention.
-89 By not talking. This can distract others from hearing the message.
-91 Try to keep babies quiet. Though unwanted, it is sometimes best to take small babies to a nursery area.
-92 Smile! Sour looks can be discouraging.
-93 Shout “AMEN!” when God speaks to your heart about something the preacher says. This will encourage your pastor while he is preaching.

Behind The Scenes…

-94 By encouraging others to encourage the pastor.
-95 By sending an anonymous gift of a favorite snack, etc
-96 By helping to organize a “Pastor’s Appreciation Day” for him.
-97 By taking care of known projects that he has around his home.
-98 By doing something special for his children.

With His Vehicle…

-99 By being sure his oil is changed regularly.
-100 By providing new tires when necessary.
-101 By possibly helping with a car payment.

Bottom Line…

This list is the tip of the iceberg when it come to ideas to help your pastor. If you have thought of something not mentioned, then please leave it in the comment section below. Thanks for your participation!


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