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Jackie Hill Perry renounces Enneagram

By Elizabeth Prata

Jackie Hill Perry (JHP) is a spoken word artist who converted to Christianity in 2008 after years of drug use, promiscuity, and lesbianism. She became heterosexual, attributing the change in herself to God, saying that God can transform anyone’s life and further, that He helps a person resist temptation afterward. She is now married to Preston Perry and they have 4 children.

After conversion, she performed her poetry at conferences and became famous on the ‘circuit’ in interviews, podcasts, and TV shows giving her testimony. She is a quick study, grasping doctrinal nuances, and so she began to not only perform her own works but to teach and sadly, to preach.

JHP preaching at the Passion conference in 2022.

In 2022 JHP ‘came out’ as a prophet, explaining that she had sort of been Charismatic all along but was reluctant to say so publicly. But in 2022, JHP explained that she hears God and He comes to her in dreams and speaks. He tells her to intercede for this person or that person, or gives other instructions.

Along the way, Justin Peters noted that JHP has partnered with and endorsed some of the rankest heretics going.

Last year she also publicly renounced her participation in the American Gospel video, a documentary that teaches solidly doctrinal things featuring solid theologians.

Perhaps because she was used so quickly as a trophy of God’s grace and hadn’t had time to develop discernment, or perhaps because she is a false convert herself, as some claim, but these issues certainly are problematic. Hearing from God, taking certain actions because of instructions received in a dream, endorsing obvious heretics, not to mention preaching, are doctrinal boundaries she’s crossed that spark concern about JHP’s walk.

When Enneagram became popular, JHP began playing with it, openly promoting it, and undiscerningly endorsing it. Enneagram is a “personality test” with origins from the demonic side. More information on the Enneagram below.

Though it is sad when a convert is hurtling to the false side of things, it’s sadder because rarely do they retreat from it even an inch. But this week JHP may have done just that. She said she was prompted by the Lord to examine the origins of the occult personality test, and was shocked and dismayed at what she found. In an Instagram story, now gone, (but captured on Twitter by a follower of hers from Instagram). JHP said the following, here is the transcription-

‘I’mma’ say thus and I’mma out y’all way. I was really skeptical and have been for some years when people were saying that the Enneagram was demonic. Cuz I do feel like sometimes people can be way too deep. But the Lord prompted me to study that thing- for a good 2 days. Evil. /laughs nervously/

It ain’t even funny. Literally, doctrines of demons. Divination. Witchcraft. I had no idea. No idea. OK so one of the dudes who is originator of the contemporary understanding of Enneagram as we know it, he said that he got his information about it from an angelic visitation from a spirit or divine being named Metatron. Which we know is a demon. And then the other guy who created the types he said on YouTube he got his understanding of the wisdom of types through automatic writing. Which is a form of channeling spirits. Where a demon basically guides your hand or guides your mind to help you write down certain ideas.

So when we say I’m type 1, type 2, type 3, whatever, we are literally applying to our identity the ‘wisdom’ of demons. It’s literally that deep.

And I had…yah. /looks down sadly/

And I was telling Preston [husband] part of this is … I’ve talked about Enneagram on several occasions and so part of me feels a responsibility to renounce it publicly and to bring attention to the demonic nature of it.

—end JHP transcription—-

It takes a dose of humility to openly say you were wrong, and for that I applaud JHP. I am proud that she looked it up and I’m proud that she publicly renounced it and proud that she warned the sisters about it.

In a previous article I wrote about JHP coming out as a prophet, I’d asked for prayer for her that the Lord would deliver discernment to her. If this is an answer to prayer then it is a praise to the Lord. This is point #1- a praise that JHP is renouncing the Enneagram.

But point #2 is a warning. Too often people lack discernment themselves, and after a one-inch retreat of a favored person, decide that the person is good to go, can or should be followed, and their material be absorbed. Whoa. Hold your horses there pardner. JHP still preaches, still claims direct revelation, still partners with heretics. She hasn’t renounced any of those sins. In fact, when she came out as a prophet, she got a lot of flak for it. Instead of prayerfully considering the facts of the concern stated to her, she made a second video about the issue where she dismissed the concerns, derided discernment talk from bloggers, whom she said were non-credible.

Jackie Hill Perry rejects discernment talk about her false prophesying

So praise the Lord for the good work of a social media influencer publicly renouncing a damaging and demonic activity. JHP has more than a million followers combined over her social media accounts, so it’s good she is rejecting the Enneagram. This is influence in the right direction

But friends, Matthew 10:16 says “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves.” Therefore, wait a bit before jumping back on JHP’s bandwagon. Watch if the Lord will clear up JHP’s other issues. Meanwhile, avoid the Enneagram!

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