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What Bible Reading Plan did I choose?

By Elizabeth Prata

I dithered about which Bible reading plan to follow, until yesterday. Talk about cutting it close. It’s not a question that I follow a plan. It affords me structure and a goal for what is a must to do each day.

For 2 years I did my seminary friend’s personally constructed plan which followed the chronological writing of the Bible, i.e. reading which books were written first all the way to last. That one started with Job, traditionally seen as the oldest book, and ended with Revelation, known to be the last written.

I did Grant Horner’s for two years, and M’Cheynes for a year. I loved them all, they are good.

Justin Peters is reading what appears to be M’Cheyne’s plan, (the link is to Jan 1 reading, – go to his landing page to subscribe to get the recordings that come out each day.)

Last year I did the MacArthur Daily Bible. I liked that one too.

So I’ve read thru based on chronological, on order written, and several plans that combine OT, NT with Psalms and Proverbs interspersed. What plan should I turn to next? From what angle can I absorb the treasures of Christ?

In the end I chose the one my elder recommended, the G3 plan. It’s called 5 Day Bible Narratives Reading Plan, a 52-week Bible reading plan that focuses only on the narratives of Scripture, along with all of the psalms and proverbs. About this plan:

–Read through all of the major narratives of Scripture, plus Psalm and Proverbs, in a year.
–Read only 5 days per week, catch up on the weekends.
–Perfect especially for children, families, or individuals who wish to focus a year’s reading only on the Bible’s narratives

The site offers free downloads, or a packet for purchase containing all the goodies. ($12.99 includes a chronological reading plan along with a 52-week catechism, memory passage for each week, and hymn of the week. Finally, it contains a guide for each day of readings that includes study notes, a brief description, and questions for personal or group reflection. I bought the packet.

Free Downloads

So what Bible reading plan if any, did you choose?


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