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The End Time Blog Podcast: Update and Changes

By Elizabeth Prata

I started doing a podcast for The End Time blog on April 3, 2021. It’s just me, reading what I wrote. But my goal for both this writing ministry and podcast ministry is to exhort for godly living through correct theology, and to point women to solid resources achieving that end. I’m no theologian, there are so many others out there with more insight, deeper comprehension, and more skill. So my blog is just a few of my thoughts, and a point in the direction of a more thorough exegesis.

To achieve the goal of getting good material in front of women, when Anchor/Spotify came along and partnered with WordPress to seamlessly include a podcast, I jumped on it. I thought, if women are busy with kids, chores, or work outside the home, then listening would be attainable than reading, more easily included in her day than sitting down and reading. She could listen in the car, while waiting at the doctor, or when folding laundry.

I enjoy reading the material I write. With I think only 5 exceptions using the bot to read it, I’ve recorded it myself. I like doing it. I enjoy it as much as when I read to my students at school.

When I started I didn’t put episode numbers on the podcast or divide it into ‘seasons’. It was all I could do to work in this extra task in the morning (when I usually publish, record, edit, do show notes, and post on multiple social media sites, from 5:30-6:15am before work!) A lot of that is manual.

As of today, I’ve done 553 episodes, or podcasts. I began it on April 3, 2021. There are 295 episodes in 2021. There are so far 258 episodes in 2022. The change is: Starting tomorrow I’ll tag each episode with an episode and season number. So while the previous 553 won’t have a tag or number (I contacted Anchor and they said ‘no can do’), the ones going forward, will.

Therefore, October 24, 2022’s episode will read, for example “Season 2, episode 259: Peeking into ‘the other side’- Two Questions (part 1)”.

I’ve got 4 blogs written and ready and 4 more half written and almost ready for the week ahead. I praise the Holy Spirit for sustaining this ministry, giving me ideas, and energizing me to keep going. I’ve written on The End Time every day since January 9, 2009. I started on Blogspot, then imported most of the blogs from Blogspot to here (some didn’t transfer, there was a byte limit). On WordPress I’ve published 5,930 original essays with few repeats.

Now add the podcast to that, the 553 episodes I’ve recorded. Growth has been amazing. Of those 553 podcast episodes, there have been 182,000 plays! Thank you!

So don’t be surprised when you see an added season and episode number attached to each upcoming episode. It’s the best way to keep them organized, I think, or to tag one when referring to another.

It’s funny. Growing up there was no internet. I started when I was in Grad school insisting on getting a computer because I was in a Literacy program and there was a lot of writing. I was tired of the typewriter and whiteout. I got a slow, huge desktop in 1996, added Word, and never looked back. I went online in 1997. It was windows 3.1, lol, and a 330 baud AOL landline dialup. And back then, we thought it was GREAT. And it was. Truly amazing.

Oh how far we’ve come! Kids today gasp when I tell them that “in my day” there was no internet, no TikTok, no Youtube, and no cellphones. I am grateful for the opportunity to get edifying material out to women who today alone have read or listened from 37 different countries. It’s gratifying – and humbling. I’m doing my best to keep up with the times and stay fresh with the technology available. My dearest wish is that God would be glorified in what I do and that women who come here would glorify him too with something they’ve learned, asked, or followed up at one of the resources I share.

So that’s the update- adding season and episode numbers, and a huge thank you to you, the reader and listener!

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