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Attributes of God: Invisibility, Jealousy, Knowledge

By Elizabeth Prata

Sundays are a good time to ponder who God is. He is worthy of service and worship.

Tim Challies has created a visual theology of God’s attributes. Remember, God’s attributes are not parts that make up a whole. Everything good that there is, is 100% contained in God. He is 100% beauty, 100% aseity, 100% omniscient, etc. He is complete in Himself.

A typical classification of God’s attributes divides them into those that are incommunicable (those that he does not share or “communicate” to anyone or anything else) and communicable (those that he shares with other beings). Blue text attributes are incommunicable. For example, humans can seek to be good, but we can never be immutable. We can be wise, but we can never be omniscient.

INVISIBILITY: Attributes describing God’s being: God’s total essence, all of his being, will never be visible to us.

JEALOUSY: Moral attributes- God always seeks to protect his own honor.

KNOWLEDGE/Omniscience: Mental attributes- God fully knows himself and all actual and possible things. (This is also known as God’s omniscience).

Source: Tim Challies, Visual Theology, The Attributes of God

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