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The End Time Ministry: What do I do here?

By Elizabeth Prata

I love writing. I love Jesus. I love that after salvation at around age 42, after a lifetime of writing, He gave me the knowledge of His word, the ministry of writing that I’d then honed, and the gifts of discernment and encouragement. This ministry is one of writing encouragement, discernment, and pointing women to credible and edifying ministries (part of discernment is not only “what’s bad” but also “what’s good” and helping women to detect the difference).

What do I do specifically? For newcomers who might not know the breadth of the ministry at The End Time, here it is:

Every morning I post a scripture picture on three social media platforms: Twitter under the name @elizabethprata, my Facebook page under the name The End Time Blog (The End Time was taken), and on Instagram under the account @eprata7777. I take the photos myself and I create the scripture picture myself. So far I’ve created 1,319 of these.

I then post a devotional on three separate social media platforms from someone from history, such as Octavius Winslow, Charles Spurgeon, AW Tozer etc. I post those also. I get them from The devotional is accompanied also by one of my photos, a picture I’ve taken, or a portrait of the author I’ve obtained from a creative commons page. I’ve been doing the morning devotional for four years now, so I’ve posted 1,460 of those.

On Saturdays I spend the entire day writing/preparing, editing the 7 blogs for the week. I post a blog essay a day on the topics of prophecy, encouragement, doctrine, or discernment. I also enjoy writing about biblical natural history, such as the plants, trees, flowers, animals or geography of the Bible lands.

I’ve been doing this daily since January 2009, for almost 14 years, sixteen years if we begin back when I was writing religious topics on my personal blog since 2006. I’ve written over 7000 posts. I started on Blogspot then moved to WordPress in 2016. Some of the earliest blogs didn’t transfer from Blogger to WordPress, so the count isn’t specific. There are 6,024 essays at WordPress with few repeats.

After I post the day’s essay on Twitter, Facebook page, and Instagram, I record it for my podcast. The podcast is fairly new. I realized that women are busy, sometimes too busy to sit and read, but would listen as they drive, or do house chores, etc. So in my ever-present desire to get good material in front of women to teach them, (Titus 2), I record the podcast, write the summary, prepare the show notes, and manually post it on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The podcast is called The End Time Blog Podcast and it’s found on all the normal social media podcasting sites, including Spotify, iTunes, etc. It’s just me reading the day’s essay at the blog. No interviews or celebrity guests or music. Just me, reading, lol.

I also answer queries from women who contact me, pointing them to credible ministries or resources, and of course I do the same for the women in my own church. I do background research for my own elders and for certain people online.

All the above, I do every day, 365 days a year. When Paul says single people should devote their time to the Lord, I take seriously. Jesus is worth it. He is ultimately the only worthy One. A life of service is a pleasure to the One who saved me, a terrible sinner!

Some examples of blog and podcast topics this past week have been:

  • I will not drown in shallow water (what song or verses get you through a hard time?)
  • Attributes of God: Aseity, Beauty, Blessedness
  • When it’s right to be dogmatic: Rejecting ‘What does this verse mean to me?’ (Hermeneutics)
  • Sin is no longer an ugly thing…
  • Little known prophets of the Bible
  • God’s amazing love
  • What is the Almug Tree?

I work hard and constantly on a variety of items for the Lord. This is a refutation the notion that all I do is sit around and watch Beth Moore and post about her. The bulk of edifying material I produce at the Spirit’s help in service to Christ is vast and I think, diverse, as you see in the topics above.

When I was in journalism classes, I was told that the news-consuming public will always fill in a blank with a negative, and they will always remember the negative much more than the positive. Since Moore is such an incendiary celebrity, and her followers so rabid, the commotion when remarking negatively over her antics always comes to a fever pitch. And that’s what people remember.

I’m happy to be write about Beth Moore when it seems right to do so. Why? The Lord gave me a burden for her and about her and regarding her effect on women. Her effect has been devastating for a long time and it continues to be so. Why wouldn’t we push back against a woman who has been allowed to prance, rebel, and twist God’s word for so long?

As long as she continues deceiving, I will continue posting. We oppose evil, we reject falsity, we mark those who cause dissensions. This includes Moore, among others I’ve written about negatively, critiquing their ministries.

I’ve written discernment essays about people, some more than once, such as Rick Warren, Ravi Zacharias (before the stuff came out), Jen Wilkin, Rachel Held Evans, Lysa TerKeurst, Francis Chan, Joanna Gaines, Christine Caine, and others, including Beth Moore. I’ve critiqued movements such as direct revelation, Gnosticism, romanticizing Jesus, the merchandising of women, and so on. But people remember my Moore critiques above any other. That’s OK. It’s normal in journalism to remember the negative and that is what looms large on people’s minds. I do more than write about Beth Moore, but she is a large and menacing presence of evil in the church that must be addressed, and I will continue to do so whenever it seems right.

I was writing back and forth with a reader this week and she was unaware I had a Facebook page called The End Time Blog. Another woman online said she didn’t know I had a podcast. I obviously don’t do a great job of marketing myself. I’ll try harder. I usually get up around 4:30 and after making the coffee and putting my lunch together, at 5:00am I settle in to post the blog, scripture pictures, devotionals, and record and post the podcast. I try to get this done within an hour to an hour and 15 minutes, because I leave for work at 6:30am.

When I get home I read my Bible and devotionals, pray, and then answer online direct questions and comment back on social media (we are not allowed on social media at work, hence the black hole of activity between 6:30 am and 3:30 pm).

So that is The End Time ministry. I call it ‘the end time’ because we are in the end time, and time is short. The end time period is between the ascension of Jesus and His return, and we are 2000 years closer to the day He returns! It could be any time. He could return any day, or the number of our individual days may be at its end, and we’d have no more time to serve Jesus. Serving Him is utmost priority for the Christian women, no matter where He has stationed us.

Have a wonderful day and thank you for subscribing to the blog, listening to the podcast, reading the devotionals, or sending me your questions. I deeply appreciate it!


Christian writer and Georgia teacher's aide who loves Jesus, a quiet life, art, beauty, and children.

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  1. I had no idea you had a pod cast. I will be listening to it now. Thanks for your work and dedication to us women.


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