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Prata Potpourri: Singleness, contentment, evangelism, adoption, castles, & more!

By Elizabeth Prata

A few more days of work then it’s spring break from school! Rather than whooping it up down on South Beach as I yearned to do in my younger days, now all I want to do is take a nap. Which is what I’ll likely do some of the days during my week off!

Naples Beach, a photo I took long ago. I still remember the pinkening sky, the cooling sand, the stillness of the Gulf, the departure of the gulls.

Being single, I can keep my place how I want it, not worry about waking someone else or being unavailable to them if I sleep. Singleness has its perks. Here, Costi Hinn and guest Jonny Ardavanis discuss Singleness: Bless Your Little (Unmarried) Heart…Really? I loved this, it’s so biblical and humble and good to hear.

“Pastor I’m 31 and unmarried, do I have the gift of singleness?”
“Well, if you’re single, you have the gift.”

They go on to discuss the difference between being single at various points of one’s life, and life celibacy. These are not the same thing. Also discussed are a definition of what God’s gifts ARE, and much more. Tune in.

Speaking of being single, Good Cheap Eats has a plethora of ideas and recipes in their section Cooking for One, like Air Fryer grilled cheese sandwiches ($1.39 each).

Here is Justin Peters explaining why he has decided to monetize his Youtube channel. If there is a more gracious and humble man around I don’t know who he’d be. It’s 15 minutes, and even if you don’t care about monetization (a discussion most Christian bloggers and Youtubers have at some point) then please listen if you care about evangelization.

My elders preach and teach often about our adoption into the family of God. They mention it, urge us to meditate on it, and rejoice in it. Here is a good sermon manuscript from pastor Gabe Hughes on that very topic. It’s uplifting. Predestined for Adoption.

Speaking of my elders, my elder who teaches my Sunday School class in Romans mentioned Lester Rolloff. I had heard this old timey preacher on the radio and had looked him up. I liked him a lot. Then I forgot about him till the SS class mention. Well, the elder mentioned in class Lester Rolloff’s “Dr Law and Dr Grace”. So I looked that up and found it online. Here is Lester Rolloff preaching one of his best known and most frequently requested sermons, “Dr. Law & Dr. Grace”, I listened. A simple exposition, but it cut me to the heart and tears flowed. May you find some time to watch or listen.

What is the Secret of Contentment? One is that we are Sustained by Divine Power: “What Paul is saying is this: “I am strong enough to go through anything because of Him who infuses His strength into me.” In those extremities, where he has no more human resources, he is infused with the strength of Christ.”

I like the online magazine Country Life UK. If you want to buy a castle, this is the real estate and high living magazine to read, lol. Here is one example, “‘One of Bath’s finest houses’ has come up for sale for the first time in 20 years — and it’s guaranteed to impress”. A gal can dream, can’t she?

Here is a well written little note on having an Ounce of Compassion– how to respond to people who are going through a trial (which seems to be most of us these days).

The World reviews Sandra Bullock’s new movie The Lost City as silly but entertaining (and PG-13 rated). “Bullock and Tatum have chemistry and impeccable comic timing for a romantic adventure that leans into the absurdity of its premise. Both actors demonstrate what brilliant physical comedians they are.”

The Well Watered Woman discusses a Lifeline in Loneliness. No, I’m not lonely. But a lot of people are.

This is a cute 10-minute video from a young gentleman in the UK who bought an abandoned small house and restored it. It was almost a shed, really. It had been filled with old car parts and tools. It is on a wonderfully named lane called The Cobbles. I loved seeing the exterior stone work being redone. Watch I Bought an Abandoned Tiny House

I hope you enjoyed this little roundup of links, and I do hope you have a great day in Christ.


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