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My Statement on John MacArthur

By Elizabeth Prata

I have benefited from the work of John MacArthur on behalf of Jesus Christ for 20 years. I’ve listened to his sermons going back 50 years. I’ve taken classes from the Institute for Church Leadership arm of The Master’s Seminary, and & members of our church have personally attended the seminary as well. His work is of the Lord, solid, and biblical.

So, my support of John MacArthur isn’t blind. It isn’t worship. It’s support, for a man who’s done more in this century and last for the Christ’s name than any other man I can think of. I’m not throwing that away cuz some God-hating feminist comes along waving papers, no.

If properly interpreted evidence arises from a reliable source I will say ‘there but for the grace of God go I’, pray for him and examine any evidence fairly. Till then, I’m not throwing away my appreciation for John MacArthur. I praise God that Jesus raised him up to do God’s work.


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3 thoughts on “My Statement on John MacArthur

  1. I agree, wholeheartedly so!! I could write pages of accolades for Pastor John MacArthur, but the economy of your words is far better! I will share that if it were not for John MacArthur’s faithfulness to teach God’s inerrant Word line-by-line and verse-by-verse, I would still be wandering around in the confusion and error of the “almost” truths that so often spring from one’s supposition and not out of Scriptural truth! And here I’ll insert a quote used often by Christ Rosebrough of “Fighting for the Faith”; “Quod non est Biblicum, non est theologicum”–IF IT’S NOT IN THE BIBLE, ITS NOT THEOLOGY!

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  2. I agree with you Elizabeth!
    I too stand with Brother John MacArthur! I have probably listened into the thousands of hours of MacArthur, read some of his books, and point many to

    The man is rock solid and is on a SURE FOUNDATION –
    Jesus Christ our Lord!

    Thank you Elizabeth for Standing up for this outstanding man of God!

    Brother Rick 🥸
    Georgia, USA


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