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Some great stuff here!

By Elizabeth Prata

Shepherds’ Conference 2022 is coming up! Shepherd’s Conference, or affectionately known as ShepCon, will begin this Wednesday, March 9 to Friday, March 11. It’s eagerly anticipated because last year the conference was canceled in 2021 for that year. We missed it.

There is nothing like the firehose of truth coming out of the speakers aimed at supporting, edifying, and loving 5000+ shepherds, AKA pastors and ministers who attend. It is live streamed. Listening to 5000+ voices lifted up in praise of our Lord is quite moving. It makes one yearn to be in the heavenly choir on the Day!

The theme for this year is UNASHAMED. How fitting. The blurb says: “Throughout the New Testament, God calls leaders in His church to be unashamed—a call for courage, fortitude, boldness, and humility.”

The website for it is here: Shepherds’ Conference. There you can find past Shepcon videos, information & resources, and the live stream for this year.

Media Gratiae’s ShepCon livestream:

In addition, the website Media Gratiae also will have a live stream, and lots of additional Grace Church content you should check out!

Media Gratiae has Grace Community Church media content in one place as a one-stop shop. The blurb is: “Your one-stop mobile and TV app for all Grace Community Church video content—from original shows to sermons and lessons to a dedicated Sunday service livestream. Simply click the “subscribe now” button below and enter your email and password to access everything for free.” There is some great stuff here!

If you are not familiar with Hymnology featuring Phillip Webb, and you love music, then you are definitely missing out! It is at Media Gratiae media site:

Hymnology: “Melding beautiful melodies with eternal truth, learn the historical stories and drama behind hymns that focus on God, His Word, and the Gospel story. Hymns of Grace exist to assist believers in their corporate and private worship of God.”

There are three seasons, all with fantastic hymns with knowledgeable people explaining the background, then they sing it. Beautiful.

There is also Minute with MacArthur! Something new.

Minute With MacArthur: “Sit down with Pastor John MacArthur as he answers Bible questions submitted by our viewers. These short episodes are straight to the point and very practical to help increase your knowledge of the Bible on some simple topics and complex ones as well.”

Questions he tackles are such as Are Christians bound to the Levitical law?, What is discipleship?, Where did Lazarus go when he died before Christ raised him from the dead? and more. All are between 1 and 2 minutes.

Worship Conversations: “Philip Webb sits down with a variety of individuals to discuss the importance of biblical worship in the life of the church as well as other topics in this series of candid interviews.” Conversations so far include with John MacArthur, Steve Lawson, and Paul Washer.

There’s also Men of the Word teaching series, Every Woman’s Grace, Grace Church baptisms, The Road to the Reformation, and MORE!

I have two desires with this writing ministry. One is to employ the gift of discernment that the Holy Spirit has graciously given me and educate women as to what discernment is, why we need it, and which false teachers to avoid. Secondly, I ALWAYS want to employ my discernment to vet ministries and various content and present them to you for YOUR consideration. Don’t trust me blindly, always check things out for yourself, but when I find a good ministry offering edifying and solid content, I note it and recommend it to you. So that what today’s essay has been about. I hope you find any of these links worthwhile and enjoy them. All glory to Christ 🙂


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