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By Elizabeth Prata

I have so much to be thankful for. The list is so long even the internet can’t contain it.

I love my apartment. It is important to me to like where I live, and my inside surroundings are beautiful, comfortable, and easy to take care of.

I love Pandora Thumbprint radio. Pandora is a streaming music station. Thumbprint radio is a collection of all the songs I’ve given a ‘thumbs up’ to across all my various music channels. So the song automatically played might be at one moment a Chopin concerto, then Mozart, then Patsy Cline southern gospel, then a Paul Simon, then a Gospel quartet, and so on. Since they are all songs I’ve given a thumbs up to, it means I like them all. So the mix of genres doesn’t bother me, I like the surprise.

In my nice kitchen, in the wee hours, I put on the music and read my Bible or write or eat oatmeal, and feel comfortable and relaxed. It’s important to like where you live, and I’m glad that the Lord gave me a place where I can do that. He didn’t have to.

I’m grateful for my church and the people who comprise my church. They are wise, diligent, eager, service oriented, Jesus-loving devoted people. They truly are a family.

I’m grateful for my work family. I am privileged to call the people I work with family, too. They are not just people I pass in the hall. When I was down with the flu, they prayed for me, emailed to check on me, some brought food, others brought medicines and necessities. They covered my duties without a murmur, and they were genuinely glad when I got well. I praise God for giving me satisfying employment, and I praise Him more for the good people at my job.

Rainbow over school pre-dawn

I’m grateful for digital cameras. No more waiting 2 weeks for the Kodak kiosk to develop them!

I’m grateful for the internet, one of the best inventions ever. And with that, streaming music, TV, and movies. Also for this introvert, for social media and email.

I’m grateful for birds, seasons, my years of pet ownership, the beautiful things I’ve seen in the world- the Andes with llamas running across the tops; rolling blue waves of the bright Caribbean sea; the northern lights, full moon over the desert cactus; northern pine forests; fall foliage; and so much more of God’s creation that I was privileged to view in my travels.

Bert and Luke, BEST CATS EVER. I miss them.

I am most grateful that even though a sinner, God loved me first, plucked me from my miry pit of sin, washed me with His blood, and stood me upright in HIS righteousness. He saved me from the wrath I was justly due. Even as the former things fade away, I will always have the eternal gratitude in my heart to Jesus for His salvation. It is the BEST gift and the first and the last thing to be grateful for.


Christian writer and Georgia teacher's aide who loves Jesus, a quiet life, art, beauty, and children.

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  1. I am so thankful for you! You have no local insights that help me understand my Father’s Word in a way I can “choose the things that are excellent.”

    Your sister in Christ, Conni Hudson

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