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Though There Be Wolves

Poetry by Kay Cude

Poetry is by Kay Cude. Used with permission. Kay Cude is a Texas poet.

The Sheepfold, Moonlight. 1856-1860

Through shadows long the dusk drew near to spread its cloak ov’r all;
and watched I there the setting sun, its glory long displayed.
And as the eve flowed like the sea, there saw its breaking tide;
wash ov’r that shore, submerge that line that marks the night from day.

And as the twilight covered me, upon the path I trode,
heard I a howling–not afar–yea, wolves therein at bay.
What then that sound, that too-near cry, that breaks upon my ears?
T’was Satan’s voice through men–his words–deception’s planned foray.

So then my step at quickened pace, determined to avoid,
the rushing onslaught of those fiends, proficient with their lies.
From mouths perverse I heard their yelps–distortion, rank deceit!!
Through mouths profane, egregious words, revealed demonic ties.

Then on that path near where I stood, upon a group they came;
engaged them there to turn aside and listen to their words,–
to capture those within that flock, with clever speech persuade;
they narcigeted God’s Sure Word, made theirs the “truth” preferred.

And I distressed in shadows stayed, perchance their faces see;
for in that pack, before me clear, saw faces I knew well!
And greatly shaken to my core, with trembling heart I watched;
and there was grieved that “who they seemed,” their idiom dispelled.

And as the eve became the night, that veil that sets our rest;
I watched as they revealed themselves as hunters for a prey.
Though garbed these men in cleric’s robes, through doctrines of Sheol,
perverted they God’s Holy Word; blasphemed Salvation’s way.

With souls suborned spoke they the words borne through the Devil’s lips,
neath shepherd’s cloaks, dressed they like those of Christ’s beloved redeemed;
supplanted they the Word of God with flagrant disregard;
contrived their will, incited doubt, their dogma there esteemed!

And soon saw I the faltering steps of some turn slight their heads;
to hearken to deception’s swill, therein perceived as truth!
Beheld bewitchment glaze their eyes, confound their reasoning;
watched them beguiled, near trance-like state, no longer resolute.

Like pigs at feast midst slop and filth, some joined to sup their fill,
there wallowed in idolatry; renounced Christ’s finished work.
Bedazzled by the lure of wealth, of health and “easy” grace,
defiled they soon Christ’s sacrifice; atonement there besmirched.

And as they trode upon the grace of God’s redemptive plan,
they as the wild ass roams the plains, as harlots sin pursued!
There turned from Light they said was theirs, yet proved themselves as fools;
enraptured with self-righteousness, their love for Christ withdrew.

How then? I queried of myself, can evil overtake,
so quickly those who name the Lord their sovereign Christ I AM?
–Through words or script that hold not fast to God’s delivered Word;
–preferring tales that tickle ears, make Christ mere mortal man.

As tears and anger filled my breast, I shouted out a plea!
“turn now from myths, forsake these wolves whose writ consumes the soul!”
Reject this feast they offer you–’tis vomit you’ll consume,
belched forth from depths of Satan’s bile–THIS hatred’s not its whole.

–It never rests, nor does it sleep, it never sates his need;
therein is set his subterfuge to render you bemused.
–Then she deception casts her net, delusion her end yield;
and round your soul draw tight the ropes, reel in the dragnet’s due.

Like greedy dogs still they pursued this gospel borne of Hell;
like mindless men devoid of sense, joined to that wicked throng!
And they like Judas took that sop and dipped it in the bowl,
there seared their minds incapable of judging right from wrong.

And as the shadows of the night grew deeper in the dark,
saw I deception master them; delusion unconstrained.
And they who “seemed” like branches true, engrafted into Christ,
bewitched by lies, removed themselves preferring sin’s domain.

And then I fell upon my knees neath failure’s crushing weight,
there realized the choice they made, my pleas would not deter!
And suddenly a fear arose that gripped my very heart!
Now I a hindrance for the wolves, their vengeance might incur!

And in that shock of sudden fear, my face prone to the earth,
cried to the Lord to wash me clean, this sin to set aside!
Then quick within my spirit rose the reason not to fear–
the battles we engage with wolves, o’er each the Lord presides!

Remember, those who leave the flock, those never to return,
were never Christ’s but of the world; pretenders from the start.
But there amongst that depraved throng, perchance are God’s elect–
know ’tis Christ’s will to seek them out, redeem their errant heart.

The brands we seek to pluck from Hell IS NOT a work of ours;
for ’tis Christ’s Spirit that prevails, our part is faithfulness.
And when think we that we have failed to reach those ones deceived:

kaycude October 10, 2021©

Description of Millett’s painting, The Sheepfold, Moonlight: In this nocturnal scene, the waning moon throws a mysterious light across the plain extending between the villages of Barbizon and Chailly. Millet was recorded as saying of the solitary shepherd: Oh, how I wish I could make those who see my work feel the splendors and terrors of the night! One ought to be able to make people hear the songs, the silences, and murmurings of the air. They should feel the infinite.


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