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Home from G3 Conference: Some photos

By Elizabeth Prata

I just posted a blog about my feelings after coming home from the national G3 Conference held in Atlanta for the last three days. (It was great!). Here are a few pics.

This was just a small portion of the 6500 strong audience. G3 has become one of the largest National Reformed Conferences in the world.

A couple of the gals I traveled with. The next generation is coming up just fine.

On the final day we got seats very close! This is Steven J. Lawson preaching the last message “The Light of Jesus’ Resurrection

Final Day Q&A. Scott Aniol, new Editor-in-Chief of the G3 Ministries, moderating. Next to him from left to right are Conrad Mbewe, James White, Virgil Walker, Darrell Harrison, Hensworth Jonas, Nathan Busenitz, and Phil Johnson

Some of the G3 vendors and sponsors give away books every day. With the exception of Andrew Rappaport’s “What Do They Believe?” which I bought, I got:

John MacArthur, one of the finest expositors of the last century and this, and one of my personal favorites, on the jumbotron. When we didn’t have seats closer, we could see very well on one of the hanging screens.

Another gorgeous sunrise over the city of Atlanta. We were blessed with perfect weather

no filter

View from our hotel hallway

Leaving this afternoon to come home and back to reality. But we know it’s Jesus’ reality, the best one!


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