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Scenes and quotes from G3 2021

By Elizabeth Prata

I am currently attending the national G3 Conference. G3 stands for Gospel-Glory-Grace. It was founded by Josh Buice (pronounced Bice rhymes with nice) pastor of Pray’s Mill Baptist Church in Georgia. It has grown to be one of the largest Christian evangelical conferences in the world.

This year almost 6500 people are attending, from all 50 states and several countries. The lineup of speakers is unlike any other I’ve even seen, even rivaling the stellar lineup the Shepherd’s Conference held in California at John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church. Top-flight speakers with a clean track record theologically and morally are presenting on the topic of Christ.

That’s it- Christ. No fluff, no themes, simply three days of firehose theology on Christ from high-end, preachers who have preached and taught for decades without swerving and who have o moral or theological blot. Ahhh.

I’ve already benefited from the preaching, having been inspired by Joel Beeke’s preaching topic of our union in Heaven with Christ. His deep dive into our marriage with Him in eternity, where we will never shift our gaze from Him again, was terrific. So was his announcement of an upcoming 5-min family devotional for 4-9 year olds based on Genesis. More on that in upcoming days.

Here are scenes from Atlanta, a beautiful city where the conference is held, with some quotes from the speakers interspersed. I don’t have photos of people attending because I forgot my camera (can you BELIEVE it?!). The pics are ones I took with my friend’s phone on drive in and the walk over to the venue.

Approaching our hotel.

“In heaven, our faith becomes sight- of Jesus.” ~Joel Beeke. The Utopian Marriage with Christ in Heaven

Lots of trees in Atlanta

“It will be impossible to be unChristlike.” Joel Beeke. The Utopian Marriage with Christ in Heaven

A Park we passed by, live jazz music was playing

“The martyrs under the altar don’t sing of joy or of praise or of mercy. They cry out, longing for justice.” ~Owen Strachan. Christ as Eternal Judge

The Centennial Park Ferris Wheel at sunrise (taken though a double paned window)

“God holds evildoers to account.” Owen Strachan. Christ as Eternal Judge

“If you want to see the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man mesh together, look to the cross.” ~Steve Lawson, The Darkness of Golgotha

“Delayed obedience is disobedience.” ~Steve Lawson, The Darkness of Golgotha

A quarter of the audience. Packed to the max

“It is finished.’ Please note, Jesus did not say ‘I am finished’.” ~Steve Lawson, The Darkness of Golgotha.

Mosaic at the hotel lobby

“Isaiah 53 is a masterpiece of divine revelation and the providence of God” John MacArthur, The Suffering Servant


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