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Prata Potpourri: Ridiculous books, head coverings, Psallos, Reality Check on unrestrained wrath, Singleness, more

By Elizabeth Prata

It’s turned a bit cool here in the Deep South and I am loving it. In mid-September, if the weather cooperates in its usual pattern, the heat and humidity breaks. It tends to still be hot during the high point of the day, but the temps in the morning are in the low 60s and that is sooo refreshing.

Fall means the county fair is coming. EPrata photo

September reminds me of autumn and the County Fair. The kids at school might not remember where their bookbag is…where their homework is…where their chrome book is…but they all remember exactly when the fair is. It’s a traditional county fair, with some small rides, food trucks with the southern delicacy funnel cakes and other goodies, and the agricultural part with show pigs, cows, and the like.

I love the season’s turning. Granted, the seasons are more starkly divided up in my former region of Yankee New England, but north Georgia where I live now still has seasons. I love that. Fall is in the air!

Also in the air, is discernment. Tim Challies discusses the 5 most ridiculous books to ever become best-sellers on the Christian best selling book lists. I’d add The Shack to his list. Ladies, when you buy a Christian book (I almost wrote ‘go to a Christian bookstore’, but brick and mortar stores are as rare as hens’ teeth!) beware that most of them are written by false teachers and/or contain twisted Bible verses. Some trusted online booksellers I use are:

Grace to You store
Ligonier (watch for the $5 Friday sales!)
Reformation Heritage Books
Westminster Books
Free Grace Press

I have to say also, that I use This seller isn’t trusted because they present a plethora of false teachers, MANY false teachers, but their sales are great. If you sift and look, you can find some great deals. I just ordered a bunch of books in their 60% off fall sale. I snagged a John MacArthur “The Gospel according to Paul”, a book of Piper’s poems, a DeYoung, Nate Busenitz’s book about Luther, a Martyn Lloyd Jones bio, a John Bunyan book about how Christ Intercedes, and more. I compared with Amazon’s prices and since I’m an Amazon Prime member (thus, free shipping) and the average price for all, even including shipping, was so far below what Amazon could do, I decided to jump on the sale. also has some merchandise if you’re looking for Christian gifts for Christmas.

Here’s Challies’ list of the 5 most ridiculous books to become best sellers-

Consider staying single. I’m serious. The author of this essay is too.

I learned last week of Psallos, a musical group whose music is based on and in scripture. About:

Psallos is a collective of musicians based in Jackson, Tennessee. Started by Cody and Melody Curtis in 2012, Psallos (pronounced like “psalms,” with a silent p) exists to create artistically excellent and theologically rich music (also like Psalms): melodies and lyrics that remind you of the truths of Scripture; harmonies, rhythms, and timbres that express the emotional weight of these truths.
Their mission found its shape most clearly in their albums based on New Testament epistles, the first of which was Romans in 2015. Since then, Psallos has released two other major records (Hebrews in 2017 and Jude in 2019), with Church Songs, Vol. 1, a short EP of new congregational worship songs, appearing in 2016.

I appreciated G3Ministry’s balanced presentation of the issue of whether women should be wearing head coverings.

Steve Kerper offers some sobering thoughts about the coming wrath of the Tribulation, and does something unique, compares to Job’s trials.

I thought this man’s tweet about the issues we’re feeling these days and his phrasing was perfectly apt –

Nate Schlomann, @NateSchlomann
I don't know what to say right now, but I think it's important for pastors to feel the burden of people in their churches who feel backed into a corner and violated by mandates. This is a big deal. This is a vile injustice, and pastors who are glib about it betray their people.

I agree. Mandates from our government or other authorities are important for many reasons. However, when government runs amuck with mandate after mandate, it does feel like a violation, a rape of our liberty. We as Christians need to adjust and remember that liberty is in Christ and in heaven, it’s not guaranteed here on earth. However, I plead with pastors to be sensitive to the temperature in the room, so to speak, and be kind to their sheep, and for the sheep in turn to have patience with each other and be kind to your pastor and leaders.

Have a good weekend everyone, and keep praying, reading, and serving.


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