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Recommending “Confidently Called Homemakers”

By Elizabeth Prata

Hey, Ladies, SAHMs: I recommend Jennifer Ross’ site “Confidently Called Homemakers”. She has tons of resources and encouragements for you. Incidentally, she interviewed me on the topic of ‘Does God Speak with us Audibly’? and the podcast is up!

Her site:

Her interview with me: is #30,

Other great discussions on the following topics:

29. Life after Deleting Social Media with Grace Wagler

28: Learn to Manage Your Time Well with Sue Nelson

27: How Stay at Home Moms Can get Involved in Standing up for God-Given Freedoms with Sheri Graham

26: Practical Home Management with Marci Ferrell

25: How Pursuing a Career Cost Me 3 of my 4 Children with Guest Sherry

24: Living for Jesus as a Stay At Home Mom with Karen DeBeus

23: Eternal Impact in the Everyday Mundane with Kelly Crawford

22: Coming Out of the Chaos with Meg Dickey

21: Starting from Scratch in Homemaking with Jami Balmet

And much more on the podcast and the blog!


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