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Bizarre threats from Los Angeles City Officials against Grace Church. You won’t believe this one…

By Elizabeth Prata

The latest in a series of year-long and increasingly bizarre threats from health officials in the city of Los Angeles to Grace Community Church (GCC) where John MacArthur preaches, was brought to light this week. The church shut down temporarily when the flu-like disease named COVID-19 emerged in March 2020. GCC re-opened a few weeks later, to the chastisement of health officials, who have never stopped hounding the church, in MacArthur’s words. The church is fined weekly, visited often by officials, and taken to court. (The case is making its way through the courts now).

The officials are also making all kinds of other threats, which MacArthur outlines in this short clip below. He was guest preaching at an unnamed church, noting that he has preached steadily and continuously at GCC for a year, but that this was the first time he’d left GCC in all that time.

He said that the city of LA had threatened to gather homeless people from everywhere and make a homeless encampment in their parking lot. The City of Los Angeles has been notoriously opposed to Grace Community Church’s decision to re-gather amid the so-called pandemic.

The clip can be heard here, or below

John MacArthur replied to the City’s threat to flood their parking lot with homeless people in an encampment, “Perfect! We will send our seminary students to evangelize them all day long.” MacArthur said he did not hear from them after that.

The idea that the City OFFICIALS would use helpless humanity as pawns in their evil game is grotesque. Rounding up homeless people for the purpose of closing a church helps no one and is certainly not ethical. It was not stated that this proposed ’round up’ was part of a larger plan of the City to help homeless people. It’s clear that the official(s) who cooked up this craven scheme not only don’t care for the Lord Jesus, but care not even a bit for their fellow man.

As we go further and further into apostasy and increasing hatred of Christians, statements like this will become ever more frequent. Christ-haters will ever more outlandishly cook up plots to try and thwart Christians. (Matthew 22:15). Ladies, the world hates us believers. Prepare yourself by staying in the Word, help your husband if you’re married, and nurture your children in the admonition of the Lord. Strength in HIM is our only defense.

Isaiah 26:4Trust in the Lord forever, For in God the Lord, we have an everlasting Rock


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