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Prata Potpourri: Out of the prosperity gospel, SBC pastors’ wives lunch, helping the suffering, recovering a chair, more

By Elizabeth Prata

It’s spring here in Georgia. Daffodils are blooming, temperatures are rising, we get daily rain showers. And the birds are back. I love the cycle of the earth’s seasons, and how the Lord sustains their rotation. Genesis 8:22 says

While the earth remains,
Seedtime and harvest,
Cold and heat,
Summer and winter,
And day and night
Shall not cease

And that is surely a comfort.

Here are a few links for your perusal this week.

This first selection is by Virgil Walker, known affectionately as ‘Omaha’, a partner with DB Harrison of Just Thinking Podcast. Here, Virgil writes of God moved him away from his involvement in false prosperity teaching to walk in the light of the true gospel. I can relate to this, because I followed Joel Osteen the first year of my walk with Jesus. I am eternally grateful the Lord put me on a different road before I went too far!

Michelle Lesley writes well as usual, this time of 4 Things You Need to Know About Christian Persecution. And you really do.

Eric Davis at The Cripplegate also weighs in on Why Pastor James Coates’ Imprisonment is Actual Persecution. It’s actual persecution, people.

Media Gratiae’s new podcast name and new look “The Whole Counsel” is looking at the The Character of God. Ohhh, I cannot wait. What Christian doesn’t love studying about God!! The link brings you to the first in the series after the introduction podcast last week.

Anthony T. Selvaggio at the Heritage Blog speaks of Being a Friend To Those Who Are Suffering. I don’t know about you, but I am deficient in this area, I never know what to say or do. And there’s a lot of suffering these days. So…please take a look if you need some perspective.

And speaking of suffering, here is a good essay on 4 Ways to Love Someone Blindsided by Loss

I had this book on my wishlist that a kind someone bought me, it’s a book with good reviews on a topic that is hard to find information about. I want to better learn how to help people who are suffering:

Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy: Discovering the Grace of Lament by Mark Vroegop. Blurb- “This book seeks to restore the lost art of lament in order to help readers discover the power of honest wrestling with the questions that come with grief and suffering.”

Megan Taylor at 2 Be Like Christ wrote asking What Would Jesus Do. It’s not what you think.

Pastor’s wife and mom of three grown children, Robin Self, started a blog and I’m glad she did. Her perspective of having seen her husband minister for 28 years and having been an active helpmeet as wife, mother, and pastor’s wife, gives her a honed wisdom from which we can draw. Here, she shares why I cannot Recommend Attending the SBC Ministry Wives’ Luncheon

There are So Many Great Books, but so little time to delve into them all. How to choose which books to read? Dash House has some ideas…

From Dawson Interiors, a tutorial on recovering a bar chair to refresh the look: and a short piece on de-uglifying an inexpensive figurine found at a second hand store. I love shopping second hand vintage or estate sale stores, don’t you?

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week, and no matter where you’re reading this, the season will change, slide into the next, and the next, and the next…until Jesus comes. What a day that will be.


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