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If you have any tendril of fear of man in you, get it out now

By Elizabeth Prata

We see with our own eyes how serious it’s getting for Christians, not only in the places it’s always been hard, but now in the places where Christianity has been accepted, or at least, tolerated. The United States, Canada, Australia, these places are becoming increasingly hostile to Jesus people.

There are massive legal battles, soft persecution in the form of banks denying business or trade with Christian companies, and now in Canada, a pastor is jailed and might remain so until his trial, months away.

The lessons here are many, but one thing I’d like to encourage us ladies right now:

If you have any fear of man in you, get it out NOW. We are to fear the LORD. If you “loved praise from men more than praise from God” (John 12:43) then the coming times will go hard for you. Jesus said,
I tell you, My friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that can do no more.” (Luke 12:4).

We see what the Lord is doing with Pastor James Coates in Edmonton Canada, the jailed pastor, but we also see his wife as helpmeet. She supports her husband, is mothering the children without his support or presence, and is speaking at a rally in front of the jail, for the name of Christ. Owen Strachan wrote:

Owen Strachan@ostrachan·: “WOW. What courage this woman shows! Erin Coates, the wife of jailed pastor James Coates, graciously defies tyranny and then goes on to proclaim the gospel of Christ. Chills.”

Ladies, we may be called on to do the same, and soon. Are we ready? Are we ready to stand up for Jesus, proclaim His glories, with risk? Sometimes great risk? Ask the Spirit to remove this man-loving fear from you. It’s a precarious prayer, I know. But in the West, these times are where the rubber meets the road, I think. Unless the Lord tarries, I do not believe things will get better, only worse. We need to be ready!

On another note, see what happens when a strong church who relies on the word and has grown in the wor, does, when one part of the global body is persecuted. Here is a letter from the Elders of Grace Community Church in Santa Clarita California to the leaders at GraceLife Church in Edmonton. It brought tears to my eyes. Believing Ladies, we are not alone in whatever we are going through or are about to go through. We have Jesus, the Spirit in us, our churches, and the global body. Trust in Him! Click link below for the letter-


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