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Prata Potpourri: Resources for and about Children

By Elizabeth Prata

Children are a heritage from the Lord. (Psalm 127:3).

I don’t have children myself but my primary employment in life has been as an elementary educator, working with kids. I love kids. They are genuine, hilarious, adorable, and challenging. They are also truthful, as anyone knows who has been on the receiving end of their blunt but innocent honesty.

I’m not married anymore, my marriage ended prior to salvation. I don’t have a lot to say about married life and kids and domestic life, unless it’s living on a fixed small income as a single older woman, lol. So I don’t really ever post a lot of “Christian Living” type posts. My writing is usually theological, which suits my autistic mind. But here are a few items I came across close together, so I collected them. They are resources about and for children.

At my school, we are in the throes of a temporary virtual education since we closed for Christmas break. The kids didn’t come back to us when the school break was over, and we are now teaching them through screens, them at home and us at school, which is empty and quiet. So kids have been on my mind. Anyway, here are a few items for you-

Ligonier Ministries has a plethora of books aimed at children, here. Did you know that RC Sproul wrote a lot of books for children? There are devotionals for kids, Pilgrim’s Progress for kids, and more. The link is to the catalog for children over at Ligonier.

This next one is from G3 Ministries about rebelling children. Aw, kids are all sweet, all the time … aren’t they?

RedeemTV is a Christian streaming service and like most streaming services, offers children’s programming. Here is the link

Costi Hinn wrote: “Several years ago I was sitting through a Wednesday night study on parenting and a 70+ year father of three grown children delivered counterintuitive advice that impacted our mindset for years to come.” Here is his essay about it: 5 Ways to Frustrate your Children.

Sadly, kids are exposed to some of the worst elements in society, whether you’re in public school, Christian school, or home school. It’s just everywhere. Your child might have had a conversation with a peer who suddenly believes they are of the opposite biological gender than they are. This link from the Council of Biblical Manhood & Womanhood might offer some helps in how to talk with your child about transgenderism.

Grace Community Church has a thriving program for kids, Generations of Grace. There are ‘VBS’ style videos, primers for kids, music, cartoon-like Word Board, and more.

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6). Well, we do our best, don’t we? Parents, I can’t imagine the difficulty in raising children with integrity and godly attitudes in this evil age. Bless you!


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