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This is what repentance looks like: Dawn Hill in a moving testimony

By Elizabeth Prata

I don’t know this lady. A virtual friend on Facebook shared this video.

Dawn Hill repents of being a false prophet and for being part of the NAR. She urges women everywhere to discern properly, test all things, focus on Jesus Christ, and not swim in emotionalism and prophetic words that are only vain imaginations and fleshly lusts. She pleads with her audience to throw away her work, her book, and any and all of her old material. She urges women to submit to the authority of the Bible as the only sure word.

In her 12-minute video, Mrs. Hill explains that she was a false prophet, and all her ‘knowledge’ was Gnosticism and false prophecy. She said she was in deception and now thanks to the grace of the Lord, she sees Him for who He truly is. She repudiates all extra-biblical revelation, including her own. “It wasn’t true” she said.

She has taken down her old stuff, and made sure it wasn’t publicly available any more, but when she was emailed by a woman extolling her ‘prophetic wisdom’ she was curious as to where she’d obtained the devotional. It turns out that Charisma Magazine had recently re-posted it, Mrs Hill having given the magazine permission two years ago to publish her work. She said in her video that she emailed Charisma and asked them to please not publish any more of her old, error-ridden material. Mrs Hill cried in thinking of the deception she had propagated and of this woman who’d emailed and many others who have been negatively spiritually affected by her enslaving words.

I cried with her, for the purity and loveliness of true repentance, for the grace and mercy of our Savior, and for her courage to be repentant and humble before the world about her past errors. This is what true repentance looks like. Please pray for Dawn Hill, for the Spirit to continue to grow her in truth, for her to withstand the darts of old friends’ disappointment in moving away from her past spheres, and in thanks to the Lord, who saves.


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5 thoughts on “This is what repentance looks like: Dawn Hill in a moving testimony

  1. O beloved Dawn; how powerful and undeniable is your repentance that is drawn from the deep well of the Living Waters that is Christ Jesus, our Master, Lord and Saviour! Thank you for boldly proclaiming the true Gospel of Christ and your resolute willingness to stand firm in it!

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  2. Elizabeth Prata, thank you for sending me these emails; i discovered you via Justin Peters (God’s coincidence) and i am so thankful for you! You are not afraid to go against the tide of Charismatic opinion (neither is Dawn Hill).
    Always in His Presence!
    Anne Schenk

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