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Prata Potpourri: Christian streaming services, Cowboy Museum, more

By Elizabeth Prata

I hope where you are, you are enjoying a change in weather. I live in the American South, so this time of year is my favorite because the oppressive heat has broken and the days are fresh and clear. I also love Fall in the South because the season lasts a while. In Maine where I lived for most of my adult life, fall lasts but a few weeks. The word ‘fleeting’ doesn’t cover it. In Maine also, fall was hard to enjoy despite the beautiful foliage, because the harsh winter was coming. It was a busy time of year, buying, delivering, and stacking the winter’s firewood, laying hay around the foundation for insulation, checking the roof, getting the snow tires on the car, and a myriad of other tasks to prepare for surviving winter. The fall leaves were mainly a harbinger of what was coming.

Cooler weather also means more indoor activities. These first two links are for your entertainment enjoyment. RedeemTV is a free, donor supported Christian streaming service with lots of Christian media to watch: Redeem TV. I’ve seen some good shows and movies on there.

This next one is a new Christian streaming service, AGtv. Costi Hinn is on the Board and he wrote recently,

“It’s a new era for the “American Gospel.” If false teachers can pound the airwaves and invade screens around the world, so can we. Couldn’t endorse this enough and thankful to be on the board of AGtv.”

On the false teacher front, Beth Moore is still pumping out false teaching, polluting the faith with her brand of harmful education. She has a new “teaching” series coming out alleging to go through Galatians, so I thought I’d do my best to remind and warn again to stay away from her. I missed this essay when it came out last year: 5 Sins Beth Moore is guilty of.

And still on the Beth Moore front, I missed this when it came out last month: Beth Moore goes full Marxist- Never go full Marxist

I love the encouraging reports from HeartCry Missionary Society of missionaries’ work around the world. The missionaries and pastors abroad post short weekly updates. They don’t gloss over the difficulties but they also focus on the victories. Here is one, it is about Sister Paula

Did you know there is a National Cowboy Museum? It is a great place, from what I can see of its social media posts. This week they launched a new series. The letters back home from men and women pioneering the west are read aloud. The Museum blurb goes:

“Today we’re launching a new blog series called “Voices from the West,” featuring audio recordings of historical documents from the Museum’s Dickinson Research Center. Our goal is to show that history is more than a timeline. At its core, it’s about people. And not just the famous and infamous, but the everyday and ordinary. Mothers and daughters, fathers and husbands, brothers and sisters, family and friends. The Dickinson Research Center preserves and shares these stories, revealing the American West one photograph, one diary and one voice at a time. Voices from the West: Lula Briscoe“.

Pretty neat! I also think sites like this are important. With all the historical revisionism happening in our country now, and with the astounding lack of knowledge in our young people of our past, America’s history is all the more important to know and teach. I plan to listen to the letter about Lula this afternoon after work when I get home and settle in with a cup of tea

Last, we can all use extra measures of grace and patience. I think the lockdown and freedom restrictions are starting to wear on us all. My emotions are riding higher and my temper is nearer the surface. I think others’ are too. Let’s keep praying, and pray even more. Let’s stick with our spiritual disciplines, sticking with them even more. The one thing I took from the HeartCry missives is the missionaries’ and pastors’ relentless focus on Jesus and His victories and graces. So taking their cue, Jesus won! Jesus is King! Jesus reigns! Jesus loves His own!

Have a nice weekend everyone. 🙂


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