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Prata Potpourri: Videos!

By Elizabeth Prata

The quarantine/lockdown has certainly been beneficial in giving me time to catch up on my reading and to watch shows, even adding new shows to my queue. I got caught up in some videos, bingeing especially at the beginning of the lockdown. But I’ve settled since then and I monitor my intake now!

I like the History channel’s Alone, survivalists surviving alone in remote places. Beauty and the Baker, there is an English version that is supposed to be good, but I started with the Israeli version and it was cute. Numbers and Flashpoint are cop shows in my current queue. I also started watching the reboot of The Babysitters Club. I never read the Babysitter books or saw the movie, but I saw episode 1 last night on Netflix and I liked it. It’s rated G.

I’ve also enjoyed learning theology with some videos and courses during this time. Mike Riccardi’s devotionals in The Pilgrim’s Progress have been good. I’m going through Drive By Theology with Todd Friel and Steven J. Lawson.

I won a course from Media Gratiae called “Puritan“, which I’m excited about. I’m on lecture 4. And, I’ve got 2 more lectures in RC Sproul’s series “Love.

When my Bible study, devotionals, and courses are done for the day, I read. I’m currently reading Emery Battis’ book “Saints and Sectaries: Anne Hutchinson and the Antinomian Controversy in the Massachusetts Bay Colony (Institute of Early American History). Anne was a Puritan woman who had emigrated from England to the Colony in the early 1600s, and promptly upset the entire colony. She was eventually put on trial, was still intractable, and was finally exiled. I am studying the theology she espoused and comparing it to the general Puritan theology of the day. I am also comparing her behavior and points of tension as a woman who would not submit and seeing that her behavior is similar to other rebellious woman of the past and currently. Satan’s template for rebellious women doesn’t change much!

I am also reading Ship of Dreams by Gareth Russell, about the Titanic. It’s been a slow start but it’s picking up now as he is to the point of passengers boarding the boat.

And when the reading is done and I just can’t absorb any more information, I look for something to watch to ease my brain back to neutral and get ready for bed.

The Design Network is a free network on the web. They have a myriad of shows. One is called Commissioned. Artists’ projects are shown from the first idea to completion, and talk through their process for the piece of art they have been commissioned to create. Videos are between 10-15 minutes.

TDN also has Ann-Marie Barton, a Utah designer. Her show is called Gracious Living. There are three episodes at TDN but on Youtube she has her own channel called AMB Design, with many more videos about home design. I like her because she explains her design choices so well and clearly. As with TDN (The Design Network), the videos are all short.

If you think that learning about the history of a corporation sounds boring, it’s not. How Did Dunkin’ Donuts get started? The Decline of Chuck E. Cheese’s…What Happened? Visa vs. Mastercard … are all videos exploring corporate life. The speaker does a great job of research and I always come away saying “Huh, I never knew that.” It’s called, Company Man and the Youtube channel presents videos on interesting topics in business and marketing of well known companies.

Dr. Lori. Lori Verderame is a well-known and extremely talented antiques appraiser. If you like Antiques Roadshow or are just a devotee of haunting vintage or resale stores, Dr. Lori is your woman. She was on the History Channnel’s The Curse of Oak Island, and is also a regular feature on local news stations’ entertainment spots in the Philly area. She goes on the road with her antiques appraisals, and has a website you can send photos of your item and she will appraise it (for a fee). Her channel on Youtube is here. I will say she is a bit of an acquired taste…she seems abrupt or abrasive but after a while you see she is not. She has a good heart and she is really smart.

Polite Leader is a man who covers theological topics. His “About page” explains, “The Polite Leader Channel is a Christian discernment Channel. On this platform, I critique many contemporary movements and leaders in Christendom.” Alan puts up a new video twice a week. He has a good voice and he is exactly as he describes himself, polite. I find that soothing in these hectic cancel culture days. If you want some discernment but politely and calmly, Alan is your guy.

Anyway, that’s a little update as to how I’m using the time here. I am in summer mode now, school was supposed to have finished the last week of May. Of course, it stopped on March 12 for the kids and March 13 for us. If you would like a little relief and watch some videos that I think are interesting, there you go. I hope you are doing well, and remember, this too shall pass.




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  1. Thanks for your expose on the recent “gatherings” and “ministries” that want to talk about their ‘feelings’ about the Bible. Can’t make this stuff up! The leaves are turning, the winds are blowing; we know the season at hand. Praying the rapture is right around the corner.

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